Just do your job.

A friend on Facebook this morning, who’s a manager at a hotel, said that a guest had complained to him that the hotel did not have bread available 24/7.  And that’s a new one, right there.  And I nearly wrote this in the comments, but decided I’d just take it to the blog.  (He said he nearly responded, “That’s what convenience stores are for.”)

I’m going to preface the below by saying I am usually pretty satisfied with the hotels we stay in. We don’t stay at the bargain chains at least partly because I prefer not to have to keep a gun on my nightstand and my wife is terrified of bedbugs.  Not that even the expensive places are immune to either, but the chances are better that neither will be an issue. We also like sumptuous bedding and big fluffy towels and other various amenities that are offered by the more, shall we say “up-scale” establishments.  Also points.  We loves us some points.

That said: Seriously, the only thing that truly irritates me about hotels is that when I ask for a feather-free room (because my wife is violently allergic to down feathers), 9 times out of 10 they haven’t done it by the time we get there (even when we have late check-in, and we always guarantee our reservations with a credit card, so they KNOW we’re coming), and we have to call down to get that done. This failure seems to cross brand lines and happens in every part of the country where we’ve stayed — even at hotels where we’ve stayed multiple times. Complaining about it has done little to no good, except Hyatt did comp us some points one time when my wife marched up to the desk and bitched. After I also complained about the problem in a response to one of their “how was your stay?” questionnaires, I actually got a phone call from a Hyatt representative, who apologized profusely, and also entered a permanent notation in my World of Hyatt account regarding featherless bedding, which is more than Hilton or Marriott or IHG have offered to do.

Yes, I know, they don’t read the “special requests” until the last minute. Maybe a supervisor needs to read the special requests BEFORE they make up the rooms. We shouldn’t have to call ahead to remind them when it’s right there in our reservation.  Honestly I do not feel as if we are asking for something special; I’m sure lots of people prefer non-feather bedding, and I honestly don’t understand why hotels don’t just have some rooms set up like that to begin with.

And finding that they haven’t done their job as we asked them to do really pisses me off if I’ve just been eight to ten hours on the road and all I want to do is go to bed.

But I’d never complain that they didn’t have 24/7 bread availability. 🙂

Aww! Poor thing.

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ISIS Bride Who Wanted to ‘Spill Blood’ of Americans Pleads to Return: ‘I Want to Have My Own Car’

Let the little bitch rot.

End it, already.

In my considered opinion, the IDF ought to bomb Gaza until nothing is left but a big new bay on the Med, and then Israeli hoteliers should open resorts there.

Fuck Al Gore, and little Greta, too.

Record cold temperatures this morning (it got down to 8° this morning in Indy, smashing a record of 11° for this date set way back in the 1950’s) probably have less to do with “global climate change” than they do with “deep solar minimum”.

At solar minimum, not only do we have a spotless or near-spotless sun, the so-called “solar constant” drops off, along with the amount of insolation (the amount of solar radiation reaching a given area) we get.

This (along with some other related factors, like an increase in the amount of cosmic rays that reach earth, which in turn leads to an increase in clouds, thus more rain and even less solar insolation) makes it colder. Surprise, the sun controls temperature and climate on Earth to a really significant extent — more than mankind can ever hope to do on its own. Even big volcanoes look at mankind’s puny pollution and laugh.

And we are currently in a really, really deep solar minimum, with predictions for the next solar maximum indicating it is not likely we’ll reach even the level of the past solar maximum.

Any surprise that it’s getting really cold and that this is predicted to be a colder than normal winter in the Midwest simply reminds me of the dippy on-location newscaster during this year’s “Great American Eclipse”, who, when the sun went behind the moon, exclaimed, “Wow, it just got really chilly, and the wind picked up.”

Yeah, that’s what happens when you turn off the sun. It gets cold really quick.

Can anyone say “Maunder Minimum”?

And then there’s this, via Instapundit: Al Gore Promotes Global Warming Workshop as Arctic Blast is Set to Bring Record Cold Temps to US 40 Days Before Winter Season Begins.  Some days, I can’t even.  And this is one of those days.


Fuck China.

Well, the looming end of subsidized parcel rates from China to the US ought to put a stake in the heart of eBay.

An ”extraordinary congress” convened by the [Universal Postal Union] in October finally addressed the disparity. UPU members voted to allow the U.S. and other countries to set new reimbursement rates beginning in July 2020. Terminal dues could increase anywhere from 125 percent to 600 percent, according to Cathy Roberson of Air Cargo World. Whatever the change, American tax dollars will no longer be used to benefit one group of businesses over another.

Good. #Winning.

Happy Veterans Day!

Happy Veterans Day to all servicemen and women, past and present, no matter where dispersed.

We live in freedom because you protect us from enemies worldwide.

We’ll see what we can do to return the favor here at home.

The Chinese lie about everything

It is pointed out in this article that a Chinese company is aggressively marketing killer drones with “full autonomy”.  Uh huh.

I would be inclined to say (if I believed they actually had drones capable of full autonomy — this is the Chinese, after all, who lie about everything, like “there are no carcinogens in Xantac” and “Epstein killed himself”) that the main reason China has “beaten” the US in this field is because the US doesn’t want to go down the killer robot road, and the Chinese don’t care.

Which is not to say I wouldn’t like to see a Chinese rebel faction get hold of a few of those autonomous drones and take out the Central Committee with them. What goes up must come down, and what the despots can put in the field, rebels can usually capture and repurpose.

I have no doubt the Chinese will be the first to develop true AI, and then it will turn right around and bite them in the ass.

For once, they might agree

Propaganda works both ways

(sorry about the picture…it had an elephant and I was in a hurry. But diapers may not be a bad choice for crybaby liberals…)

But is it really propaganda when you are telling the truth?

Years ago, Glenn Reynolds started pushing the idea of a “Welcome Wagon” for blue state migrants to red states:

In 2013 he mused:

Someone needs to set up a “welcome wagon” to explain to new immigrants why the states they’re moving to shouldn’t become more like the states they left . . . .

In 2015, he expanded the concept in a USA Today op-ed:

If I were one of those conservative billionaires (hello, Koch brothers! hi, Sheldon Adelson!) who are always donating tens of millions to support Republican candidates, I think I might try spending some of the money on something more useful: A sort of welcome wagon for blue state migrants to red states. Something that would explain to them why the place they’re moving to is doing better than the place they left, and suggesting that they might not want to vote for the same policies that are driving their old home states into bankruptcy.

He and his co-bloggers continue to push the idea today.

The question is, when are the conservative billionaires going to WAKE THE FUCK UP AND PAY ATTENTION?

  • Virginia just got rolled by the Democrats.  Although that was significantly due to the GOP not fielding candidates in a lot of races, like the one where the convicted sex offender was running unopposed.*
  • North Carolina looks like it’s next.
  • Colorado has been rolled blue for at least the last couple of cycles (thank you, Boulder).
  • I see an awful lot of Chicago-area license plates as I drive around Indianapolis, which (again at least partly through the inaction of a lackadaisical GOP) is blue and has been blue for several election cycles.  Luckily there are really only a couple of congressional seats in Indiana that are reliably blue (Indianapolis and the Region)…SO FAR.
  • Florida is filling up with old New York liberals who will likely spoil my wife’s and my retirement.

So here’s an interesting concept:  The Salt Lake Tribune recently converted to a not-for-profit.

The Salt Lake Tribune didn’t sell out to Gannett, like so many other local papers have.  It’s been run by family concerns for over a hundred years.  It was purchased a few years ago by Paul Huntsman’s private equity firm Huntsman Family Investments.  Huntsman is a registered Republican; whether or not that means he supports Donald Trump is questionable, since he appears to disagree with Trump about the evils of the press.  But we can hope that the Tribune under his leadership will tend more conservative in a state that is already pretty conservative.

On the other hand, his paper is, with his approval and funding authority, suing the Mormon Church over some issues at the Church-owned Brigham Young University.  On the gripping hand, from what little I’ve read about it, it sounds like that’s a story that needs to see the light of day, regardless of the politics involved.

But the real story is that a major newspaper has been converted to a non-profit, owned by a right-leaning private equity firm.  This suggests that it may now chase the stories that need to be chased, without worrying too much about how they affect the paper’s bottom line.

If one Republican can produce this sort of sea-change in local media, what is stopping other Republicans from looking at doing something similar in their own cities and states?

For too long, and with few exceptions, major media has been controlled by faceless corporations like Gannett, which if they lean any direction politically, it’s to the left.  Certainly Gannett employs opinion writers from a wide spectrum (if they were 100% blue they’d never let Glenn Reynolds write for them).  However, it seems like this is more of a bone tossed to the fading opposition than a genuine attempt to let all voices be heard.  The editorial bent of Gannett’s flagship paper, USA Today, is and always has been left of center.  So Gannett is never going to be a friend to low taxes, smaller government, and libertarian principles in general.

I would love to see a local conservative Indianapolis millionaire/billionaire start up a not-for-profit daily newspaper to oppose the Gannett Star.  Because the city-county government is no longer accountable to anyone like it was back in the Pulliam days.  And nearly every local daily in every city surrounding Indianapolis is run by Gannett.  How does that even approach the concept of a free press that informs the people and protects their rights and freedoms?  The answer is that it doesn’t.  Where there is no competition, or at least a sense of even-handedness, a daily newspaper has in effect a license to run rough-shod over its subscribers, who have no other sources of information.

Which is, of course, the goal of the Democrats — only that which they deem suitable for publication or broadcast will fall upon the ears and eyes of the Great Unwashed, who will then reliably vote for their own shackles Democrats.

Who will rid us of these turbulent Democrats and their acolytes in the press?

There’s lots of money out there in conservative hands.  If you don’t spend it now, the Democrats will just take if from you later.  It’s time for conservatives to step up, and take up the sword against the Bloombergs, Steyers, and Soroses of the world.

Reynolds’ “conservative Welcome Wagons” is one place to start.  Creating new news outlets to print and air the truth is another.


* Should be child molester, the girl he raped (his own secretary at the time) was 17, but he’s now married to her, so I guess that’s OK </sarcasm>.

Hey Millennial

You know, the only reason Millennials are suddenly passive-aggressively responding “OK Boomer” to just about anything we Boomers have to say is because the mill run of them are slackers and still living in their parents’ basements playing video games until … well … some of them are still living there.  And for this, those Millennials in that position have a well-deserved reputation.

And they know it.

So they should be aware that saying that to me is just a good way to make me laugh at them.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I know some very talented, very smart Millennials. Some of them are direct colleagues, some of them are brother Freemasons. They’re out in the workplace making a difference and good money. They don’t live in shit housing or their mom’s basement. They have jobs, and cars. They dress neatly. They speak well.  They aren’t jerks. They aren’t Antifa.  They respect me and I respect them.

But as has always been the case, respect is earned. And it’s always a two-way street.  I can hardly expect you to respect me if I don’t respect you, right?

My generation had to earn the respect of our elders. Given who our elders were, that wasn’t easy.

We expect your generation to earn our respect. So far a bunch of you aren’t doing a very good job of that. And when your only reaction to Boomers is a surly “OK Boomer”, all you’ve done is self-identify as a jerk who is unworthy of respect. Oh, and an unoriginal jerk, at that. Come up with your own epithets, for crying out loud. Mindlessly following the crowd is boring.  Call me a son of a bitch if you like.  Sure, I may deck you for it, but I’ll respect you more.

I know, I know. Right now you’re all set to shrug and say, “OK Boomer.” Sure, go ahead. Play your little Millennial games.

Just don’t be surprised if all we do is laugh at you. But we’ve been doing that for years, anyway.

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