Yes, the site has a revamped look

And no, the header image is not a mistake.  It’s an absolutely mad, crazy, fucked-up world out there, now, and my header image fully reflects that.

It’s two Japanese characters that read, “BAKA”.  Or, “Crazy.”  Or, when applied to a person, “Fool,” “Idiot,” “Joe Biden,” or similar terms in English.  (That last may be my own interpretation.)

The most common explanation for this comes from Chinese history, where we are told

The kanji characters for baka together translate as “horse deer” or “point at a deer and say horse.” This is in reference to Zhao Gao, a Qin Dynasty politician who attempted to test his troops before committing treason. To test them, he presented a deer and called it a horse, which many rightfully found foolish. Those who wished to serve under him, however, followed along with his tomfoolery. The 11th-century book The Tale of Genji used this same explanation to talk about someone calling something another name to suck up to authority., accessed 8 Sep 2023

Sounds about right to me.  These are the baka years, after all.