This is the only thing to be proud of in June

Seriously, folks, your sexual preferences have absolutely nothing to do with pride.  Frankly, it’s a Flag Day for people to start waking up and smelling the coffee.*

The thing to be proud of is your country.  Yeah.  It’s a little tough to do right now, with the worthless sacks of shit that are running it, right up to the Commander of Pantloads of Shit himself, but I had a sort of an epiphany today while thinking about the Masonic Ceremony of Seven Toasts.

I’m sure you are all sitting there thinking, “WTF has that got to do with pride in one’s country?”  Hang on a mo’, I’ll tell ya.

You see, the Ceremony of Seven Toasts came to us in the States from the British Freemasons.  One of their toasts was, of course, to the King or Queen.  Which makes sense.  Because British folks are subjects and they owe fealty and allegiance to the monarch, which is sort of the same as saying to the country, because the monarch is the country.  Sort of.  Even if the monarch is only a constitutional figurehead.

So we took that on in the US and since we don’t have a monarch, we substituted the President (or sometimes, the President and the Congress).  However — that’s wrong.  Because the toast is supposed to be to the entity to whom (or which) you actually owe that fealty and allegiance.

And I got news for you.  In the US, that ain’t the President, and it ain’t the Congress, either.  They’re functionaries We The People sent to Washington DC to do our bidding.  That they don’t is pretty sad, and probably rises to treason, and thus deserves hanging by neck until dead, but that’s not what I’m here to discuss.

Growing up as a kid in this still-great nation, I was taught my allegiance was to the Flag Of The United States Of America, and to the Republic For Which It Stands.  Because we don’t pledge allegiance to anything else.  It would be silly to do so — because in the United States, every person is a sovereign.  We The People govern ourselves, and for the things we can’t do every day, we elect and appoint other people to do them for us.  But we don’t pledge allegiance to them, we expect them to do as We The People tell them to do.

In other words, nobody told Crusty Joe Biden to sell out to the fucking Chinese.  But he did and we’re stuck with him for a bit till we sort that shit out.

This is something we need to remember as this fraught season of electoral hi-jinks is forced upon us.  We declared independence from a king who was being an asshole to us (the same king the Brits toast today, just a newer version of him).  We’re never going to toast that guy, just like (even as much as we thought of his mother) we never toasted his predecessor.  And we should not be toasting the President, or the Congress, or any other piece of government we’ve set up to do our will and which has subsequently turned on us to force us to do its will.  Screw that.

We should be toasting the Flag and the Republic.  And then we can all come together again as citizens of a great nation and tell our political functionaries to start doing as they’re told, or get the fuck out.

Rainbow flags, feh.  Toss ’em in the trash along with the U.N. flag.

On this Flag Day, be PROUD of the AMERICAN FLAG, and what it stands for.   Long may it wave; and long may we continue to water the Tree of Liberty.

PS:  Happy Birthday, President Trump!

* Did you like how I worked that in?  I was kind of proud of it.  Speaking of pride and all.