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If you live in Carmel, Indiana, vote tomorrow for Fred Glynn Jr. in the Republican primary for mayor.  Why?

Reference:  Carmel Mayor Jim Brainard sees $1.3B as worthy investment. His challenger sees troublesome debt.

His challenger is correct.  How do you spend a town into Lucas Oil Stadium debt range when you don’t have a million-population city to stick with the bill?

Hopefully, this will be the way it goes tomorrow:

So do yourselves a favor up there in Indianapolis’s north side bedroom community, and vote the incumbent out before he spends you into even more trouble than you’re already in.

I got nothing…

…so you get a meme.

The fucking hell?

Councilcritter in Jeffersonville, Indiana, thinks “to Jew down” is an appropriate turn of phrase for a public meeting.

Followed by:

Indiana City Council VP Apologizes For Anti-Semitic Slur

Let’s talk for a moment about that phrase, because while it’s pretty disgusting that someone in a position such as Ms. Gill holds would say such a thing in a public meeting, that characterization is unfortunately still pretty common amongst the great unwashed (i.e. the rednecks) in both parties out here in flyover country.  (As the transcript proves; she didn’t just let that slip out “inadvertently” as she claimed in her apology, she apparently said “what I call, ‘Jew them down'”.  If that’s what you call it, honey, then you must use that phrase all the time — or it’s in your head a lot.)

My first encounter with “to Jew down” was when my Dad heard it used by a minister in casual conversation when he was bidding on the air conditioning contract for a church outside of Kokomo, Indiana, back in 1972, and said minister thought Dad’s price was a little high, and pressed him to lower it. (Literally the guy said, “I don’t want you to think I’m trying to Jew you down”, and Dad’s response was, “No, I’m sure you wouldn’t want to do that,” and he left soon after and dropped his bid; he said, “I don’t need the jerk’s business that badly”.)*

Now, you’d think nearly 50 years later that the rednecks would be more enlightened, particularly those living in urban areas where they tend to encounter more Jews, but it’s pretty well cemented into the language of the people who use it — kind of like how they tend to toss off things like “n*****-rigged” (or the slightly more faux-erudite but equally scurrilous “Negro-engineered”) without thinking about how offensive they are. However…there must have been some truth in that phrase at some point in the past, or it wouldn’t have become a common phrase, right, guys?  Right?  Guys?

The fact is that Jews were and are pretty renowned for driving a hard bargain, but then Scots — either the ones who still live north of Hadrian’s Wall** or the purely ethnic ones who live in America now — are known for pinching every penny until it screams for mercy, so it’s not like Jews were or are the only ethnic group who engaged in such business practices.  But Indiana, of course, was one of the biggest Klan states (and may still be, for all I know, not that the Klan is much of a big deal anymore), and what ethnic Scottish Christian merchants did was accepted as normal, whereas if Jews did it, that was bad and Jews were evil for trying to screw patriotic Americans out of their hard-earned dollars.***  I mean, ask one of my own personal heroes, U.S. Grant, who regardless of being my hero still managed to issue the infamous General Order #11.****

On the other hand, the older Jews here in Indianapolis (by which I mean the ones who are 20-30 years older than me) have no qualms about throwing the term “schwartze” around — which I find exceedingly offensive, because I know EXACTLY what they mean by it. The term “shiksa” still gets used a lot, too, and while today it seems to have devolved to mean, simply, “non-Jewish woman”, I remember when the previous generation used it to mean “non-Jewish whore bitch trying to drag my Jewish son away from the Tribe”. So I find it offensive as well, even though my wife thinks I’m nuts on that subject.

At any rate, the phrase Ms. Gill used is mild compared to some things she could have said — and quite mild indeed compared to Yiddish things I’ve heard my parents’ and grandparents’ generation say. Which is not to say that Ms. Gill, as an elected councilcritter charged with the public trust, shouldn’t be more careful about what comes out of her mouth — because she should, and she should resign her position immediately since she’s proven she can’t keep a civil tongue in her head.

What surprises me more than anything is that the article in the Jewish Journal doesn’t state that she’s a Republican. I had to dig pretty hard to find her party affiliation, in fact. But since I consider myself neither a Republican or a Democrat, I don’t care about her party affiliation, she just needs to be gone.

Regardless of party, if you agree, then we have nothing to argue about.


* Dad was a convert.  He’d grown up and been a Lutheran (Missouri Synod) all his life till after WWII, when he started questioning his faith — I suspect after he saw Dachau not long after it was liberated.  He later married Mom, who was (of course) Jewish, and converted just before my sister and I started religious school back in the ’60s.  He held no brief for anyone who would slight someone based solely on their ethnicity, and was a strong supporter of the Civil Rights movement.  He was a Democrat, of course; his family always had been.  But like Ronald Reagan in the 1950’s, by 1972 he didn’t so much leave the Democratic Party as the Democratic Party left him, by nominating George McGovern for president, and he held his nose and voted for Nixon.  Then he followed up by voting for Ford, Reagan, Reagan, Bush (although he was not impressed by Bush 41), Bush, Dole, and the younger Bush (because he knew global warming was a scam and Al Gore was unacceptable).  He had Bill Clinton’s number long before Clinton was elected and the truth started trickling out about what a horndog Billyboy was.  And he thought Jimmy Carter was a coward for the way he handled the Iranian crisis in ’79.  I hate to think what he would have thought of Obama, and I suspect he would have been sorely tempted to vote from the rooftops if Hillary had been elected.

And he thought the mill run of Jews were idiots for voting for the very people who would send them to the gas chambers given the chance.  Same for the mill run of Jews who would vote for people who would disarm them, same as the Germans did before WWII.  So if you wonder where I got that attitude, well, the seed didn’t fall far from the tree.  Dad didn’t believe in the wearing of blinders, plugging of ears, and chanting of “na na na na na I can’t hear you” as a political philosophy, and neither do I.

** Yes, I am fully aware that Hadrian’s Wall is not the political boundary between Scotland and England.  But since it was built by the Romans to keep the Scottish clans out of Brittania (something it pretty much failed at), it’s convenient to use it as at least a physical and philosophical boundary.  And I’ve read any number of times in fiction the concept of “When was the last time you were north of the Wall?” and suchlike, so fuck you if you can’t take a joke.

*** Hopefully my reader understands that I am being 100% sarcastic.

**** Although Grant wasn’t only concerned about the money Southerners were making off of sales of cotton — apparently some of the Jewish merchants in question were also bringing in medical supplies and foodstuffs that were making it harder for the Union to consolidate its gains in West Tennessee.  So while I look askance at General Order #11, I understand his motivation for issuing it, even as I wish he hadn’t written it specifically to target Jews.


Indy Arms had a nice deal on the Sig Sauer P365 over the weekend, part of their NRA weekend sale, so I wandered over with the son-in-law to see what they’d give me on my five-year-old Walther PPX that I really liked but which I rarely took out to shoot.*  I won’t say I got what I wanted for it, but it was enough to sweeten the deal on the P365 plus two 12-round magazines (so I have a total of four, two 10-round that came with the gun and the two 12-round bought separately).  This photo actually shows it oversize** on my 1920×1024 monitor:

I have a DeSantis “SuperFly” pocket holster coming for daily carry.  The gun itself fits nicely in my front pocket and barely prints without the holster, but pocket carry needs a holster if only to keep pocket lint away from the gat.  For a fat boy who isn’t comfortable carrying IWB, that will work great.

I cannot say enough about the staff at Indy Arms.  We had a great time.  The boy is looking for something smaller than his Glock for everyday carry, and the only thing that stops him from buying a P365 after seeing one is the mag capacity.  But he saw a couple of smaller Gs and some other stuff in the cases that had him thinking.  I think he has a Glock 17 in 9mm currently (and could not tell you which Gen but certainly it’s not new), which is what he carried when he was a cop.


* With my wrists getting worse all the time and the addition of tennis elbow in my right arm since last August or so, big handguns are pretty much right out for me.  I don’t even shoot the 1911 anymore, although I keep it in my office as a holdout weapon.

** Oversize because I run the blog page at 120% magnification…if I cut it back to 100% the photo is slightly undersize.  Your mileage may vary.  You can look the specs up over at Sig Sauer’s page.

As usual…

…all you have to do is wait a day or so, and the truth outs.

Narrative Destroyed, Synagogue Shooter Says He Hates Trump And Conservatives

Not only was the shooter not a fan of President Trump or conservatives, he despised them as “traitors” in what his demented mind is a race war.

“Are you a Trump supporter?” the shooter asked himself in an open letter in a section he called a “lightning round.”

“You mean that Zionist, Jew-loving, anti-White, traitorous c**ksucker? Don’t make me laugh,” the shooter responded.

In another section of his manifesto, [which reads like a who’s]* who of white supremacist hate, he asked himself if he was a conservative.

“I am not a useless, spineless coward so no—I am not a conservative. Conservative is a misnomer. They conserve nothing,” he said.

Watch this story fall out of the major media in 3, 2, 1…


* Sorry, I had to edit this, because in the original article it made no grammatical sense, but I got the gist of it anyway.

Happy Dearth Day

As in, I have a complete dearth of the cares that it’s Earth Day.

Did you know that Earth Day was co-founded by a murderer who composted the body of his victim?

Kind of like how Kwanzaa was created by a guy who did time for felonious assault and imprisonment.

But hey, fight the power, man.

A word about Passover

Those who know me well know that I am a great fan of bacon, despite my religious heritage.  They may also know that I don’t much care about mixing meat and milk.  But Passover is something most of them probably never think about.  And I don’t care for matzoh all that much, or all the stuff that’s made from matzoh meal for the holiday and pretends to be just like the real leavened thing.  And did you know that the Ashkenazi even forego legumes during the holiday because THEY SWELL UP WHEN YOU COOK THEM??????  (Sephardim are smarter about this, partly because so much of their ancestral diet was based on such things that they would have starved during Passover if they hadn’t eaten them.)

So if I may be blasphemous for a moment — The law in Torah prescribing that unleavened bread must be eaten for seven days during Passover says only

.שִׁבְעַת יָמִים, מַצּוֹת תֹּאכֵלוּ

This is found in Leviticus 23:6 and repeated in Numbers 28:17, as part of the list of holy days that G-d commanded to be observed.  Now, I’m no rabbi, but I have been reading biblical Hebrew most of my life, and I spent three semesters of formal study of that language with a professor at my university.  And that does not say that ONLY unleavened bread may be eaten — it says simply “seven days ye shall eat unleavened bread”.

In my opinion, if I eat even just a bite of matzoh every day during the Passover, I have fulfilled the commandment.

Unfortunately we have this thing called “building fences around the Torah”, which like most of our religious laws, takes a simple order from G-d and turns it into a fetish. (Most kosher laws are the result of such fence-building; there is no law in Torah that says, in no uncertain terms, that I can’t have a nice glass milk with my steak. But because that verse about not boiling a kid in its mother’s milk is repeated three times in the Torah, the rabbis interpreted it to mean “don’t ever eat milk with meat”.)

Well, rabbis are men (and today even women), and humans are fallible, so what if they got that wrong and G-d simply meant exactly what He said? “Don’t do what those filthy Philistines do and eat goat that was boiled in milk from its mother.” I mean, a lot of negative Torah law is based on stuff the Egyptians and the Philistines did that Hebrews were admonished not to do — simply because those other bastards did it and we didn’t want anyone to mistake us for them.

I mean, G-d might be just fine with goat Alfredo with a nice creamy Parmesan sauce, but somehow that didn’t make it into the Torah…

Let’s face it:  If the Egyptians had driven on the right, the Hebrews would have been admonished to drive on the left. If the Philistines had played soccer, modern Israel would have American-style football.

The Talmud, the Mishnah, the Shulchan Aruch, and all the bazillions of words of commentary pumped out by rabbis like Rashi and Maimonides over the centuries are all a form of OCD aimed squarely at making it so completely impossible to violate the laws of G-d that modern Jews walk around in metaphorical straitjackets and blinders.  Set apart, indeed!

There are things about Judaism that I simply can’t accept.  Rules about what can and cannot be eaten is one of those things.  So I ignore them.  And to be honest, I firmly believe that the entire idea of being a Chosen People and being set apart as special among the nations is precisely what has gotten Jews into trouble ever since the fall of the First Temple, clear up to the present day.

So I will follow the dictate of Torah and eat unleavened bread every day during Passover.  But I’m not going to allow an interpretation of G-d’s law by fallible man prevent me from eating things my co-religionists — including my wife — won’t eat during the holiday, because I am unconvinced that G-d meant we should deny ourselves foods we would otherwise eat on regular days.  Eating matzoh is the mitzvah.  But giving yourself constipation over it should not be part of the deal.

When you don’t have a Bill of Rights…

New Zealand Parliament votes to ban semi-automatic weapons after Christchurch mass shootings

Unfortunately, this is what happens when you don’t have a Bill of Rights, and sufficient armed citizenry to defend it.


A bill outlawing most automatic and semi-automatic weapons and banning components that modify existing weapons was passed by a vote of 119 to 1 in the House of Representatives after an accelerated process of debate and public submission.

(my emphasis).  Holding therefore to the Professor’s dictum that

When people say things like “don’t let this moment pass without acting on gun control,” what they’re really saying is our arguments are so unpersuasive that they can only succeed when people aren’t thinking clearly.

Millennials aren’t making $12/hr?

I just read something in the WSJ that kind of astounded me.

“Shrinking Middle Class A Threat to Stability”, p. A6 of the dead tree edition, below the fold.  Basically it says that in order to be considered middle class, a household has to have income between 75% and 200% of the median.  (This is per the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, OECD.)

“In the U.S.,” the article says, “a single person would have to earn between $23,400 and $62,400 to be part of the group.”

$23,400 is less than $12/hour at a full-time, 40-hour-a-week job.  Are millennials really having that much trouble finding decent, full-time jobs in this booming economy?  Or are they just lazy?

The article goes on to state, “While 70% of baby boomers were members in their 20s, that has fallen to 60% of the generation known as millennials.”  It doesn’t indicate, however, what the percentage is in the US — this appears to refer to millennials in “developed countries”.  So I wonder if it really means the number of millennials who are considered “middle class” in the US is actually dropping to that extent.

Of course, around the middle of the article, it becomes clear that what the OECD really wants is for countries to expand their middle classes by imposing “lower taxes on middle-income workers, and higher taxes on the rich to pay for that, as well as steps to limit housing, education, and health costs.”  In other words, eat the rich, go socialist, become middle-class.

Don’t think it works that way.  And no thanks.

I found this article (not from the WSJ) a lot more heartening, and I hope millennials are hearkening to Ms. Ahlgren’s clarion call, rather than sitting around waiting for everything to be given to them as the OECD seems to think is the way forward.

(By the way, the dead tree version of the WSJ article cuts off in an odd place, and the reason for that is the online version is a lot longer and has data graphs — and there’s a lot of important stuff in the part left out of the dead tree version.  If you can find a way to get around or through the WSJ paywall, I’d recommend doing that rather than grabbing a copy of today’s dead tree edition.)


Apparently there’s been a database glitch, I have no idea for how long, that’s been preventing single posts from being viewed (which also prevented any commenting).  I fixed it this morning when I posted the Candace Owens beatdown of Ted Lieu.

The only thing I can figure is that the last WP update didn’t correctly update the database format.

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