Regulating the media

The media today have become a serious problem.  Far from being impartial observers and reporters of current events, for most of my 61 years on this planet, they have become more and more stridently supportive of the left wing of the political spectrum.

In other words, they’re a bunch of lying commies.

Which put me in mind of this bit from Heinlein’s Methuselah’s Children:

“Ensenada, Baja California.  Jeffers and Lucy Weatheral today asked for special proctor protection, alleging that a group of citizens had broken into their home, submitted them to personal indignity and committed other asocial acts.  The Weatherals are, by their own admission, members of the notorious Howard Families and claim that the alleged incident could be traced to that supposed fact.  The district provost points out that they have offered no proof and has taken the matter under advisement.  A town mass meeting has been announced for tonight which will air–”

The other man turned toward Lazarus.  “Cousin, did we hear what I thought we heard?  That is the first case of asocial group violence in more than twenty years…yet they reported it like a breakdown in a weather integrator.”

“Not quite,” Lazarus answered grimly.  “The connotations of the words used in describing us were loaded.”

“Yes, true, but loaded cleverly.  I doubt if there was a word in that dispatch with an emotional index, taken alone, higher than one point five.  The newscasters are allowed two zero, you know.

The words I’ve emphasized in bold are what I’m talking about.

It’s time to start holding “journalists” to a higher standard.  Editorializing is not news.  Save the commentary for the editorial page and start reporting straight news.  Or else.

Or else, what? sneer the “journalists.”

Well…for one thing, you’re already losing (if you haven’t lost) half of America.  Even Fox News couldn’t hold onto conservatives when they went all-in NeverTrump on election night.  And there’s even a lot of folks on the soft-left who are getting tired of hearing nothing but “we hate Trump” day in and day out when they recognize that, even for all the BS that spews out of his mouth and off his Twitter account, Donald Trump has a long list of accomplishments and achievements to his credit, over the last four years.

It would not pain me to see the rest of the syndicated newspapers and the national TV, radio, and cable media go out of business for lack of, well, business.  They’re not guaranteed a living, anymore than the rest of us are — and we’re tired of being told we’re a bunch of redneck racist jerks out here in flyover country, particularly given you never come here to actually find out what we’re like.  (For one thing, we’re a lot less racist than you are.  We also still believe in G-d, to a great extent, and haven’t given ourselves over to Moloch and Baal like you have.  Think about it.)

But I figure the media will get theirs, soon enough, even if they get their way and a senile old pedophile hair-sniffer ends up inaugurated as someone else’s president in January.  Regulating the media will probably be one of the first steps the Dems take if they can get away with it; after all, they’re against freedom of speech.  Take away free speech, and that leaves the media pretty much in the crosshairs.

And the media do need to be taught a lesson — that lesson being, they don’t run the country and they don’t anoint the president.  The Fourth Estate?  Shit.  More like a fifth column.  That’s how they’ve acted for the last half century or more.  Certainly after they dethroned Nixon.

And that shit has got to stop.

(“Someone else’s president?”  Yeah, because he sure as hell won’t be my president.  Fuck Biden, to hell with Harris, pitch Pelosi (“pitch” is “tar”, feathers not included) and string up Schumer.  Get ready for a long four years, folks on the left.  You have earned major, major payback…and you’re going to get it.  But I think Trump is probably going to end up beating you, which will be the most delicious payback of all.)

Can Obama? What about Clinton?

When he leaves office, can ex-President Trump be trusted with America’s national security secrets?

Ex-presidents are entitled to classified briefings. Some ex-intel officials think Trump shouldn’t get access to any national secrets when he leaves office.

Fuck them.  Two of three of his predecessors are traitors, liars, and finaglers, why should they be trusted?  Yet this question never came up for them.

The only one of the three who takes his oath seriously is W.  And even W isn’t the guy I thought he was in 2000 and 2004.

In the past, when former presidents and their parties were actually patriots, it made sense to be able to discuss such matters with them as had gone before.

I doubt Trump has discussed much of anything with his surviving predecessors in office.  When he leaves office in 2024 [sic], I’d suggest these ex-intel officials should probably be either facing or doing time in Leavenworth themselves.  Just on general principles, of course.

And — because I like to nitpick — what’s this “ex-president” shite? The only president that tag was ever officially attached to was Nixon, because he resigned. Later, when he was “rehabilitated”, the press started calling him “former”. I see the press are getting an early start on labeling anything Trump does after leaving office — in 2024, of course — as illegitimate.

Time to start pushing back, hard.

My wife’s Cleveland family probably know some of those girls.

They need to file a federal civil rights complaint based on yesterday’s SCOTUS decision regarding New York State. This is clearly an unconstitutional restriction of religious and free assembly rights guaranteed by the 1st Amendment, and upheld yesterday in a 5-4 decision.  (Would have been 6-3 except for the quisling, Roberts.)

No charges filed after bat mitzvah gathering in University Heights

I love how the cops and the prosecutor are desperately trying to hand this off to the health department, and the health department is all like, “whoa, dudes, we don’t have any law enforcement authority, we just report it and hand that off to y’all.”

Cowards, the lot of them. They know they’re wrong. They just don’t dare admit it.

That’s more like it

Appears Sydney, Rudy, and The Boss have been busy filing court papers.

Sidney Powell Releases the ‘Kraken’ in Georgia with Explosive New Lawsuit

“The Fraud Was Executed By Many Means”: Sidney Powell “Releases Kraken” With Dual Lawsuits In Michigan, Georgia

Sydney Powell’s complaint, filed in Michigan today.

Let’s see more like that.  And:

GOP Poll Watcher and Fraud Expert Gives Explosive Testimony About What He Observed Happen in Delaware County

Some states’ 2020 elections need to be overturned altogether, and thrown to their respective state legislatures for the choosing of electors.  It’s clear the vote counts are fabricated out of fraud and whole cloth.

Refuse to comply with tyrant governors.

Not turning in your neighbors for holding the Thanksgiving feast should go without saying. That it needs to be said, says something truly evil about the state of our country.

The US is not East Germany or North Korea, but it sure seems on the fast lane to something like it.

Make sure your aloha shirts are clean, my friends. And just say no to the quisling Stukaches among you.

To this day we curse the traitor Arnold.  Let’s keep that up, and add more traitors to the list of those so cursed.  Begin with the governor of Indiana, Dog-Daddy Eric Holcomb.  And go from there, as there are much worse around us.

Status update

Can I just point out how I hate that Pinterest seems to be at the top of the search lists for almost anything I search for today?  I don’t want a Pinterest account, and I don’t want to log in with my Google accounts.  And it’s nearly impossible to use Pinterest without a login, now.

“Two weeks!”

We watched the latest episode of NCIS last night.  At the end, (possible spoiler alert, but eh) Fornell is shouting at Gibbs on the phone, “Two weeks!  I need two weeks, then I can tell you everything and we can bust this wide open!”

With respect…I just read this article about Trump’s response to Liz Cheney telling him it’s time to concede (and believe me, I don’t agree with Liz anymore than Trump does — fight on, Orange Man, fight on, if only because of Al Gore and Hillary Clinton).

I’m behind Trump 100%, and I’m convinced there is massive fraud involved in the late election…and I believe Sydney Powell and Rudy Giuliani are convinced of it as well…

…but I have to say I’m starting to feel like Jethro Gibbs did at the end of the episode last night.  (“Sturgeon Season”, if you’re looking at this twenty years from now and going, “which episode was that?”)

Get the evidence out there, already.  File the goddamn lawsuits.  Move your asses.  If you know you have it, let people see it, and make up their own minds. Press conferences where everybody says, oh, yes, we have evidence, we have these affadavits, we have this, we have that, the lawsuits are going to be epic, but we’re not ready to actually show it to you yet, don’t feed the bulldog.

Status update

There’s no “U” in “Civil Disobedience”, but that’s where it begins.

Status update

A reading from the Gospel of Saint Augusto of Santiago: “Then let the communists be lifted up by helicopters, and then be dropped upon the waters without further ceremony. And let the people say, Amen.”

Shut up, Evan.

Evan Bayh, as usual, is an idiot. Biden isn’t actually interested in this sort of thing. This is mostly a ploy to try to endear him to the unions that went for Trump.

Any rebuilding done under a Harris/Biden administration [sic] will be pretty much the same as Obama’s “shovel ready” projects, viz., borrowed money thrown in all directions with a net result of nothing to show for it, other than well-connected Democrats enriched even more with Chinese loan money.

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