Speaking of commies…

I offer Jefferson Shreve, the alleged GOP candidate for Mayor of Indianapolis.

Alleged, because here’s his public safety policy in re: guns.

  • Raise the Minimum Age to Purchase All Firearms to 21 in Indianapolis
  • Ban Assault Weapons in Indianapolis
  • Restore the Requirement for a Permit to Carry a Concealed Firearm in Indianapolis
  • Pass a City-Wide Ordinance Prohibiting Discharge of a Firearm with Maximum Allowable Penalties

(Read the linked PDF for details and attempted justifications.)

The first has been thrown out by courts when imposed in other states (notably New Jersey, recently, if I recall correctly).  The second and the third are not something the city can do; we have this little thing called state preemption (see previous post).  Also the trifecta of Heller-McDonald-Bruen is controlling.  I mean…sure.  Waste taxpayer money trying to defend anti-2A legislation in the courts.  You won’t win.  And it will cost beaucoup money before it’s over.

The fourth may make sense only because there is already such an ordinance inside the “old” city limits and various other places in Marion County.  But before adding yet more law about such things is fruitless unless the old law was being enforced.  Was it?  I don’t know.

None of this smells like the GOP to me.  Indeed, I don’t see where there’s a dime’s worth of difference between Mr. Shreve and his opponent Joe Hogsett in this regard.  (Mr. Shreve thinks differently; he’s full of shit.)

I voted for this clown in the primary, but I won’t vote for him in the general.  Scratchity scratch.  Or write myself in like I did last time.

Stupid ass.  Stop penalizing law-abiding citizens for the offenses of a few bad actors.  And why not promise to clean up the gang-ridden parts of town, first?  That would go a long way toward stopping many of the shootings you profess to abhor.