This judge deserves sainthood.

The Hon. Roger T. Benitez, United States District Judge for the Southern District of California, in Duncan v. Bonta, p. 70, opinion issued today:

One government solution to a few mad men with guns is a law that makes into criminals responsible, law-abiding people wanting larger magazines simply to protect themselves. The history and tradition of the Second Amendment clearly supports state laws against the use or misuse of firearms with unlawful intent, but not the disarmament of the law-abiding citizen. That kind of a solution is an infringement on the Constitutional right of citizens to keep and bear arms. The adoption of the Second Amendment was a freedom calculus decided long ago by our first citizens who cherished individual freedom with its risks more than the subservient security of a British ruler or the smothering safety of domestic lawmakers. The freedom they fought for was worth fighting for then, and that freedom is entitled to be preserved still.

(My emphasis.)  No kidding.  Thank you, Judge Benitez.  Maybe people will sit up and take notice, now.

And by people I mean “non-communists.”