Yes, the site has a revamped look

And no, the header image is not a mistake.  It’s an absolutely mad, crazy, fucked-up world out there, now, and my header image fully reflects that.

It’s two Japanese characters that read, “BAKA”.  Or, “Crazy.”  Or, when applied to a person, “Fool,” “Idiot,” “Joe Biden,” or similar terms in English.  (That last may be my own interpretation.)

The most common explanation for this comes from Chinese history, where we are told

The kanji characters for baka together translate as “horse deer” or “point at a deer and say horse.” This is in reference to Zhao Gao, a Qin Dynasty politician who attempted to test his troops before committing treason. To test them, he presented a deer and called it a horse, which many rightfully found foolish. Those who wished to serve under him, however, followed along with his tomfoolery. The 11th-century book The Tale of Genji used this same explanation to talk about someone calling something another name to suck up to authority., accessed 8 Sep 2023

Sounds about right to me.  These are the baka years, after all.


For those who don’t read Japanese, the title of this post says, roughly, “No, shut the fuck up!”

And one could add,「バーカ!」(“Fool!”)


It’s time to stop freaking out about a fucking cold. Yes, there are small cohorts who should take sensible precautions; people who have pre-existing respiratory ailments, diabetes, etc., as we have been told over and over and over again.  But nobody who enjoys good health should be getting yet another dose of Pfizer Poison or Moderna Malicious, and the whole “stock up on tissues” is reminiscent of the run on toilet paper from February-March 2020.  The over the counter tests are useless in most cases; too high a rate of false positives (and the ones the government mailed out came here, at least, in freezing weather, so they were no good to begin with).

Honest to fucking shit, does ANYONE believe this crap anymore?

At least they left out masks.  Because the masks are worse than useless; they promote their own problems, particularly among those of us who already have respiratory issues.

Stop listening to “experts”.  They know nothing, they just have a perverse wish to control your lives as they cackle with glee at your gullibility.  Don’t let them have the satisfaction.

Speaking of commies…

I offer Jefferson Shreve, the alleged GOP candidate for Mayor of Indianapolis.

Alleged, because here’s his public safety policy in re: guns.

  • Raise the Minimum Age to Purchase All Firearms to 21 in Indianapolis
  • Ban Assault Weapons in Indianapolis
  • Restore the Requirement for a Permit to Carry a Concealed Firearm in Indianapolis
  • Pass a City-Wide Ordinance Prohibiting Discharge of a Firearm with Maximum Allowable Penalties

(Read the linked PDF for details and attempted justifications.)

The first has been thrown out by courts when imposed in other states (notably New Jersey, recently, if I recall correctly).  The second and the third are not something the city can do; we have this little thing called state preemption (see previous post).  Also the trifecta of Heller-McDonald-Bruen is controlling.  I mean…sure.  Waste taxpayer money trying to defend anti-2A legislation in the courts.  You won’t win.  And it will cost beaucoup money before it’s over.

The fourth may make sense only because there is already such an ordinance inside the “old” city limits and various other places in Marion County.  But before adding yet more law about such things is fruitless unless the old law was being enforced.  Was it?  I don’t know.

None of this smells like the GOP to me.  Indeed, I don’t see where there’s a dime’s worth of difference between Mr. Shreve and his opponent Joe Hogsett in this regard.  (Mr. Shreve thinks differently; he’s full of shit.)

I voted for this clown in the primary, but I won’t vote for him in the general.  Scratchity scratch.  Or write myself in like I did last time.

Stupid ass.  Stop penalizing law-abiding citizens for the offenses of a few bad actors.  And why not promise to clean up the gang-ridden parts of town, first?  That would go a long way toward stopping many of the shootings you profess to abhor.


Commies are as commies do

Apparently our dump-sh*t Communist-majority City-County Council passed an anti-gun ordinance yesterday despite state-level preemption.  This is per Abdul, to whom I haven’t been paying much attention lately because he seems to have turned into a massive RINO (in my honest opinion).  I just happened to look at his site this morning and this story was top of the page.

Although it won’t take one gun off the street, the Indianapolis City-County Council passed its version of gun control by a vote of 18-5.

The measure would eliminate permitless carry, assault-style weapons and raise the age to purchase a weapon.

City Councilor Ali Brown said she was fed up with stories regarding mass shootings. While Minority Leader Brian Mowery said, he had an opinion from the Attorney General’s office saying the city was not allowed to regulate firearms under state law.


The legislation would only be able to go into effect if Indiana changed state law.

Earlier, the Council unanimously passed funding to hire three new attorneys to work with U.S. Attorney’s office on gun crimes.

<narrator voice> Indiana isn’t going to change its state law. </narrator voice>

The state legislature may be full to the gills with RINOs, but they’re not going to back down on permitless carry; they worked too hard to get it.

It’s not the first time the city has made itself look stupid by passing anti-gun ordinances that do not have any force of law.

I think I need to write another note to my communist councilman explaining how he and his buddies now look stupid for creating inoperative law for little more than the sake of grandstanding.

Also that apparently he hasn’t paid a lick of attention to the Trinity of Heller/McDonald/Bruen.

Edit to add:  The State of Indiana preempts “political subdivisions” (which includes, for instance, municipalities and counties) from regulating guns and ammunition in IN Code § 35-47-11.1-2 (2021).

Sec. 2. Except as provided in section 4 of this chapter, a political subdivision may not regulate:

(1) firearms, ammunition, and firearm accessories;

(2) the ownership, possession, carrying, transportation, registration, transfer, and storage of firearms, ammunition, and firearm accessories; and

(3) commerce in and taxation of firearms, firearm ammunition, and firearm accessories.

As added by P.L.152-2011, SEC.4.

As noted, there are some exceptions noted in section 4, but other than the right of an employer to force an employee to be unsafe by prohibiting carry at work, most of them are nothing any law-abiding citizen will ever have to worry about.  Others are the usual stupidity about no carry in buildings that contain courtrooms and suchlike.

Yes, you can fire someone for breach of contract.

Three years ago I wrote this post.

Today, courtesy of Don Surber’s blog, I read that the lawsuit against the Archdiocese of Indianapolis was thrown out by, as Mr. Surber puts it, a “Clinton judge who read the Constitution.”

The story is here, but here is the core finding:

Judge Richard Young of the Southern District of Indiana on Aug. 11 ruled that the former Roncalli Catholic High School counselor, Lynn Starkey, qualified as a minister of religion; thus, the archdiocese and school were exempt from federal workplace discrimination prohibitions, regarding her termination of employment.

I said this was a slippery slope case from the beginning, and I wasn’t wrong; but the judge decided it was time to stop the sliding and apply some common sense.  Good for him, and good for the Archdiocese of Indianapolis.  Now maybe they can resolve the rest of the same-sex-marriage breach of contract cases that popped up after this one.

“Null-ABC” was not intended as an instruction manual.

Blue-State Disaster: Oregon Gov Signs Bill Allowing Students to Graduate Without Knowing How to Read or Write

Democratic Gov. Kate Brown of Oregon has signed a bill into law that allows students in the state to graduate from high school without having to prove they know how to read, write or understand math.

The Oregonian reported that Brown signed Senate Bill 744 on July 14 with no news release and without informing anyone outside of her office about her decision to sign the legislation.

The new law says that “a student may not be required to show proficiency in Essential Learning Skills as a condition of receiving a high school diploma during the 2021-2022, 2022-2023 or 2023-2024 school year.”

It also requires that the state Board of Education “[r]ecommend changes in legislation or administrative rules that will reduce disparities and ensure that every student will be on track to earn one of the high school diplomas offered in this state.”

The bill equates to a multiyear suspension of current graduation requirements.

They want illiterate idiots who will be compliant because they know no other way.

Face it, if you can’t read the Declaration, or the Constitution, or any of our other founding documents, how do you know you have certain rights that the government can’t infringe or take away? Because under this new regime, your teachers will be forbidden to teach you that.

This is not about equity; this is about subjugating the upcoming generations to the control of the soi-disant elites, who are not worthy to spit-shine my patent leathers.

I’m deadly serious about the Null-ABC reference I made in the title. If you’ve never read it before, read it now while you still can.

Look — just do it, already.

Get off Facebook, now.

Zuck the Fuck is working for the Neu Stasi.

If you’re a friend of mine and you’re still subjugating yourself to the Thought Police over there, whether or not you have friends, family, or businesses on FB, the time has come to say goodbye.

Just walk away.

Because you’re not the customer — you’re the product.

And we’d be happy to have you over on MeWe, where it doesn’t work that way, at least not yet.

Joe Biden is the greatest threat to the American Republic.

Apparently Joe Biden (the illegitimate Resident [sic] of the United States) is now making mouth noises about how Republican election integrity efforts are the greatest threat in our nation’s history.

Kruiser, in his Morning Briefing at PJ Media, turns this around on Biden and says he’s the greatest threat to our democracy since the Civil War.  I disagree.

I would counter-argue that Joe Biden is, in reality, the greatest threat to American democracy since Woodrow Wilson, who started the country on the path to authoritarian fascism (but I repeat myself).  If you’re not aware that Woodrow Wilson was a proto-fascist who made Benito Mussolini swoon and want to bear his children, you should probably read Jonah Goldberg’s Liberal Fascism (2009), which is the last thing Jonah seems to have written while he was still marginally sane and still at least nominally on WFB’s leash (WFB died in 2008).

And by the way, we’re not a democracy, we’re a democratic republic, but whatevs.  The only time this country is a democracy is on Election Day, and frankly, we blew the last one.

At any rate, and getting back to Kruiser’s allegation, IMHO the Civil War in and of itself neither challenged nor threatened democracy, despite the claims of so many folks that certain of Lincoln’s actions (like the suspension of habeas corpus) did great damage to it. What it did do was result in 600,000 casualties and millions of dollars of wasted treasure that nobody seems to want to take into consideration when the modern communist left screams about “slavery reparations” for people who have never been enslaved.

Moreover, the main problem is not Biden himself, but Biden’s handlers — “Doc” Jill, Kamalalala, Ron Klain, etc. —  who are all nothing more and nothing less than communists of the first water.  Biden has no more idea of what he’s doing than a turnip.  In fact, a turnip may have more sense of things.

So let’s call a spade a spade (if we still can, since that’s probably considered “racisssss”), and just accept the fact that the communists’ Long March has, over the last 100 years since Wilson, pretty much screwed up how we do things in this country.  The Founders and the Framers would be appalled.  In fact, we should probably hook their graves up to the power grid; I’ll bet they’d solve any power shortages caused by socialists and communists in the blue states in jig time (which is probably also “racisssss”).

For anyone who thinks this post is “racisssss”, you should read the rest of this blog.  And my fiction.  Because then maybe you’d drop dead of a conniption, commie.

Our Independence Day

(Riffing a bit on Bill Pullman’s immortal line, of course.)

My own little insurrection:

We came home from Fort Wayne last night around dinnertime, so we decided to stop at a pizza joint about a mile from home to pick up some of their delicious bread sticks to go with frozen pizza we were going to have for dinner.

Sign on door: “No Mask Needed if Vaccinated.”

Rather than say, “fuck you”, turn on my heel, and go back to the car, I just fucking walked in. Screw ’em. I wanted my bread sticks (they make the best ones around IMHO), and they can’t legally demand my vaccination status. Which as anyone around here knows, is “negative”, because I refuse to take the fucking poison jab, and if you’re vaccinated, I can’t infect you anyway. (Or so the common wisdom goes; since the jab isn’t actually a vaccine, the idea is you’re only supposed to be able to get a mild version if you do get infected. Which seems unlikely since we’ve been at herd immunity levels for months.)

We were in Fort Wayne (as noted) almost all day yesterday, and the place is reopened — no masking signs, just a few social distancing signs (more of a “Please consider” as opposed to “We order you”), most of the floor stickers indicating a six-foot separation are gone, etc. Ate in the dining room at a Wendy’s for lunch. (As far as I know, all the fast food joints around here are still closed for indoor dining.) That’s only the second time I’ve eaten in a restaurant since March 2020, because Indianapolis is still being asshole about it (plus, half the places can’t find people to work because of the continuing government incentives not to). The other restaurant I’ve eaten in since March 2020 was a place in Brownsburg, which is just west of the Marion County line and thus not under the edicts and orders of the Indianapolis Supreme Soviet, er, City-County Council, and our abysmal wanna-be-totalitarian mayor. That was a couple of weeks ago, and all they had out was a sign that said, “Please don’t come in if you have these COVID-19 symptoms” and a list of about a dozen symptoms.

It’s over. Just like the Bidet mal-administration is going to be over. People are done listening to people claiming to be their betters and experts in all things.

In a week’s time, we need to let the assholes know, loud and clear: July 4 is OUR Independence Day from bullshit rules, regulations, and idiot “experts”.

And Bidet and the rest of the traitors can stuff their “no fun” plans right up their collective ass.