This is the only thing to be proud of in June

Seriously, folks, your sexual preferences have absolutely nothing to do with pride.  Frankly, it’s a Flag Day for people to start waking up and smelling the coffee.*

The thing to be proud of is your country.  Yeah.  It’s a little tough to do right now, with the worthless sacks of shit that are running it, right up to the Commander of Pantloads of Shit himself, but I had a sort of an epiphany today while thinking about the Masonic Ceremony of Seven Toasts.

I’m sure you are all sitting there thinking, “WTF has that got to do with pride in one’s country?”  Hang on a mo’, I’ll tell ya.

You see, the Ceremony of Seven Toasts came to us in the States from the British Freemasons.  One of their toasts was, of course, to the King or Queen.  Which makes sense.  Because British folks are subjects and they owe fealty and allegiance to the monarch, which is sort of the same as saying to the country, because the monarch is the country.  Sort of.  Even if the monarch is only a constitutional figurehead.

So we took that on in the US and since we don’t have a monarch, we substituted the President (or sometimes, the President and the Congress).  However — that’s wrong.  Because the toast is supposed to be to the entity to whom (or which) you actually owe that fealty and allegiance.

And I got news for you.  In the US, that ain’t the President, and it ain’t the Congress, either.  They’re functionaries We The People sent to Washington DC to do our bidding.  That they don’t is pretty sad, and probably rises to treason, and thus deserves hanging by neck until dead, but that’s not what I’m here to discuss.

Growing up as a kid in this still-great nation, I was taught my allegiance was to the Flag Of The United States Of America, and to the Republic For Which It Stands.  Because we don’t pledge allegiance to anything else.  It would be silly to do so — because in the United States, every person is a sovereign.  We The People govern ourselves, and for the things we can’t do every day, we elect and appoint other people to do them for us.  But we don’t pledge allegiance to them, we expect them to do as We The People tell them to do.

In other words, nobody told Crusty Joe Biden to sell out to the fucking Chinese.  But he did and we’re stuck with him for a bit till we sort that shit out.

This is something we need to remember as this fraught season of electoral hi-jinks is forced upon us.  We declared independence from a king who was being an asshole to us (the same king the Brits toast today, just a newer version of him).  We’re never going to toast that guy, just like (even as much as we thought of his mother) we never toasted his predecessor.  And we should not be toasting the President, or the Congress, or any other piece of government we’ve set up to do our will and which has subsequently turned on us to force us to do its will.  Screw that.

We should be toasting the Flag and the Republic.  And then we can all come together again as citizens of a great nation and tell our political functionaries to start doing as they’re told, or get the fuck out.

Rainbow flags, feh.  Toss ’em in the trash along with the U.N. flag.

On this Flag Day, be PROUD of the AMERICAN FLAG, and what it stands for.   Long may it wave; and long may we continue to water the Tree of Liberty.

PS:  Happy Birthday, President Trump!

* Did you like how I worked that in?  I was kind of proud of it.  Speaking of pride and all.

Um, I dunno…

Doesn’t this sound like incitement to insurrection?  By the Democrats’ own rules…if it sounds like insurrection, it must be insurrection.  Right?

Hey, FBI, you might want to investigate this sports journalist who thinks he’s a political pundit.

The lies are flying thick and fast

Lie #1:  Governor Abbott is defying the Supreme Court by continuing to have the Texas State Guard patrol the border and keep illegals from crossing.

Lie #2: We need more law to prevent illegals from crossing the border.

Lie #1 is easily disproved by reading the order from the Court, which states only that the temporary restraining order preventing the Border Patrol from cutting the razor wire and removing other impediments placed by the Texas State Guard has been vacated.  The order says nothing about Abbott not being allowed to use the Texas State Guard to prevent border crossings.  Because frankly the State of Texas has every reason to want to secure the border, and the Court isn’t going to get into that.

Lie #2 is easily disproved by the fact that Biden vacated Trump’s EOs regarding the Wall and other features of border security the day he took office.  All Biden has to do is admit that Trump was right, and re-institute Trump’s border EOs.  He needs no new law to do this, and to claim he wants a tit for tat of more throwaway funding for the Ukraine debacle before he’ll sign new law to secure the border is a load of stinking fecal matter that probably originates in his own Depends.

The fact is that the Democrats want millions of illegals crossing the border.  They are following the hoary dictum of “if your electorate is refusing to support your programs, you need to replace them with a new electorate” (which is a massive paraphrase but that’s what it comes down to).

The problem is, Abbott saw that bullshit and raised it by sending busloads of illegals to the so-called “sanctuary” cities, who immediately proved they were interested only in virtue signaling when it came to providing said sanctuary.  The reality hit quickly as their money started going down that rat hole instead of the usual rat holes they wanted it to go down.  New York’s mayor is panicking, and closer to home, Chicago is starting to feel pressure from its black community, who are not amused about having to deal with thousands of illegals being bused into their neighborhoods.

Want to fix the border crisis, Joe?  Close the fucking border.  You already had authority and budget to do that.  Just fucking do it.

The fact is, nobody on the left really wants to close the border.

“Democrats delenda est.”  The left must be destroyed, utterly.  There is no other path but through at this point.

If Trump is said to “underperform” in Iowa, be sure to look at the actual numbers

From The Washington Times, via RealClearPolitics:

In case you weren’t already aware, the fix is in. Before the first ballot has been cast, the media have already written their headlines for the Iowa caucuses: “Trump underperforms in Iowa.”

According to the Real Clear Politics polling average, former President Donald Trump leads the field with over 52%, ahead of his closest rival by a whopping 36 points. FiveThirtyEight has a similar polling average, putting him at just over 51%, with a lead of 34 points.

That’s a substantial margin, with plenty of room for underperformance. But let’s look at things from a broader historical perspective.

Since 1976, the biggest “landslide” in the Iowa Republican caucuses (excluding elections with a Republican incumbent) came in 1988, when Sen. Bob Dole amassed 37% of the vote and won by 12 points over televangelist Pat Robertson. In many contested elections of that period, Iowa has been decided by 3 points or less, reflecting the intense independence of Iowa caucusgoers.

Iowans pride themselves on making up their own minds, and they take their responsibility as the first state on the election calendar very seriously. They do not just go with the flow and rubber-stamp the national mood.

Mr. Trump is poised to win Iowa, and the victory may be a historic landslide. Even if he severely underperforms his polling lead, he’s still likely to outpace Dole’s record-setting margin. In this case, underperforming should count only if Mr. Trump comes below Dole’s historic 12-point margin ahead of the next closest finisher.

But that’s not the standard to which the media will hold him.

This is what the Left gets for pissing off the American public.  As we have said for years, progressives won’t like living under their new rules.  And they’ve all but martyred Trump to the point where his landslide is going to eclipse Reagan’s.

And if it turns out I’m wrong about that, it will be because the Left has frauded yet another election just like they did 2020.

Remember: Pinochet did nothing wrong.

Yes, the site has a revamped look

And no, the header image is not a mistake.  It’s an absolutely mad, crazy, fucked-up world out there, now, and my header image fully reflects that.

It’s two Japanese characters that read, “BAKA”.  Or, “Crazy.”  Or, when applied to a person, “Fool,” “Idiot,” “Joe Biden,” or similar terms in English.  (That last may be my own interpretation.)

The most common explanation for this comes from Chinese history, where we are told

The kanji characters for baka together translate as “horse deer” or “point at a deer and say horse.” This is in reference to Zhao Gao, a Qin Dynasty politician who attempted to test his troops before committing treason. To test them, he presented a deer and called it a horse, which many rightfully found foolish. Those who wished to serve under him, however, followed along with his tomfoolery. The 11th-century book The Tale of Genji used this same explanation to talk about someone calling something another name to suck up to authority., accessed 8 Sep 2023

Sounds about right to me.  These are the baka years, after all.


For those who don’t read Japanese, the title of this post says, roughly, “No, shut the fuck up!”

And one could add,「バーカ!」(“Fool!”)


It’s time to stop freaking out about a fucking cold. Yes, there are small cohorts who should take sensible precautions; people who have pre-existing respiratory ailments, diabetes, etc., as we have been told over and over and over again.  But nobody who enjoys good health should be getting yet another dose of Pfizer Poison or Moderna Malicious, and the whole “stock up on tissues” is reminiscent of the run on toilet paper from February-March 2020.  The over the counter tests are useless in most cases; too high a rate of false positives (and the ones the government mailed out came here, at least, in freezing weather, so they were no good to begin with).

Honest to fucking shit, does ANYONE believe this crap anymore?

At least they left out masks.  Because the masks are worse than useless; they promote their own problems, particularly among those of us who already have respiratory issues.

Stop listening to “experts”.  They know nothing, they just have a perverse wish to control your lives as they cackle with glee at your gullibility.  Don’t let them have the satisfaction.

Speaking of commies…

I offer Jefferson Shreve, the alleged GOP candidate for Mayor of Indianapolis.

Alleged, because here’s his public safety policy in re: guns.

  • Raise the Minimum Age to Purchase All Firearms to 21 in Indianapolis
  • Ban Assault Weapons in Indianapolis
  • Restore the Requirement for a Permit to Carry a Concealed Firearm in Indianapolis
  • Pass a City-Wide Ordinance Prohibiting Discharge of a Firearm with Maximum Allowable Penalties

(Read the linked PDF for details and attempted justifications.)

The first has been thrown out by courts when imposed in other states (notably New Jersey, recently, if I recall correctly).  The second and the third are not something the city can do; we have this little thing called state preemption (see previous post).  Also the trifecta of Heller-McDonald-Bruen is controlling.  I mean…sure.  Waste taxpayer money trying to defend anti-2A legislation in the courts.  You won’t win.  And it will cost beaucoup money before it’s over.

The fourth may make sense only because there is already such an ordinance inside the “old” city limits and various other places in Marion County.  But before adding yet more law about such things is fruitless unless the old law was being enforced.  Was it?  I don’t know.

None of this smells like the GOP to me.  Indeed, I don’t see where there’s a dime’s worth of difference between Mr. Shreve and his opponent Joe Hogsett in this regard.  (Mr. Shreve thinks differently; he’s full of shit.)

I voted for this clown in the primary, but I won’t vote for him in the general.  Scratchity scratch.  Or write myself in like I did last time.

Stupid ass.  Stop penalizing law-abiding citizens for the offenses of a few bad actors.  And why not promise to clean up the gang-ridden parts of town, first?  That would go a long way toward stopping many of the shootings you profess to abhor.


Commies are as commies do

Apparently our dump-sh*t Communist-majority City-County Council passed an anti-gun ordinance yesterday despite state-level preemption.  This is per Abdul, to whom I haven’t been paying much attention lately because he seems to have turned into a massive RINO (in my honest opinion).  I just happened to look at his site this morning and this story was top of the page.

Although it won’t take one gun off the street, the Indianapolis City-County Council passed its version of gun control by a vote of 18-5.

The measure would eliminate permitless carry, assault-style weapons and raise the age to purchase a weapon.

City Councilor Ali Brown said she was fed up with stories regarding mass shootings. While Minority Leader Brian Mowery said, he had an opinion from the Attorney General’s office saying the city was not allowed to regulate firearms under state law.


The legislation would only be able to go into effect if Indiana changed state law.

Earlier, the Council unanimously passed funding to hire three new attorneys to work with U.S. Attorney’s office on gun crimes.

<narrator voice> Indiana isn’t going to change its state law. </narrator voice>

The state legislature may be full to the gills with RINOs, but they’re not going to back down on permitless carry; they worked too hard to get it.

It’s not the first time the city has made itself look stupid by passing anti-gun ordinances that do not have any force of law.

I think I need to write another note to my communist councilman explaining how he and his buddies now look stupid for creating inoperative law for little more than the sake of grandstanding.

Also that apparently he hasn’t paid a lick of attention to the Trinity of Heller/McDonald/Bruen.

Edit to add:  The State of Indiana preempts “political subdivisions” (which includes, for instance, municipalities and counties) from regulating guns and ammunition in IN Code § 35-47-11.1-2 (2021).

Sec. 2. Except as provided in section 4 of this chapter, a political subdivision may not regulate:

(1) firearms, ammunition, and firearm accessories;

(2) the ownership, possession, carrying, transportation, registration, transfer, and storage of firearms, ammunition, and firearm accessories; and

(3) commerce in and taxation of firearms, firearm ammunition, and firearm accessories.

As added by P.L.152-2011, SEC.4.

As noted, there are some exceptions noted in section 4, but other than the right of an employer to force an employee to be unsafe by prohibiting carry at work, most of them are nothing any law-abiding citizen will ever have to worry about.  Others are the usual stupidity about no carry in buildings that contain courtrooms and suchlike.