The walls are closing in on freedom.

Seen on MeWe and Facebook:

As my friend Robert Evans says on the two platforms, “Transhustler “Jessica” Yaniv is at it again, wanting a gynecologist to examine her his girlballz.”

To which I replied, this is why it is so important to run Obama and Clinton judges out and replace them with judges who have at least half a brain. This is no different than “bake that cake” or “take that photo” or “serve that pizza.”

We are not free if we can be forced to do things that go against our beliefs or are prima facie idiotic. Someone particularly needs to take a stand against the gender warriors and tell them to man or woman up — there are only two genders and you are and will be treated as the one you were born as, period, full stop, end of subject.

And parents who try to raise and/or transform their little boys as little girls and vice versa need to be lined up against the wall and shot.