End the War on Pain Pills

Chronic pain patients need advocates to champion the case for ending the war on pain pills. Congress and state legislatures alike should be ashamed of themselves, and should pay the price for their knee-jerk, “protect our phony baloney jobs” legislation on this and any number of other issues where they’ve screwed the pooch.

Whenever something legal gets abused, it’s always the people who were using it LEGALLY who get SCREWED. You can apply that principle across the board to anything you can think of. Guns, opioids, sinus medicine, tobacco, liquor, whatever, legislators have managed to make a royal mess of our lives and our rights.

Legal users ALWAYS get screwed while outlaws ignore the laws and regulations and just keep on keepin’ on. If you think for some reason that there’s no reason to vote, you are wrong; we need to vote to throw these meddling morons out of office and put people in who respect the rights of the people to live their lives, be at liberty, and to pursue happiness. And I don’t care if they’re D’s or R’s, if they vote for this sort of thing, they need to go.

You cannot have life, liberty, and happiness when you are in constant pain without any hope of relief.

End the War on Pain Pills. Now.