So the hell what?

So I guess the new idiotarian progressive talking point is that Mike Pence won’t eat alone with any female other than his wife.

Seems to me that the bottom line is, “What business is it of ours?”  Plus, the rest of the world has known this since 2002, when Pence mentioned it in an interview with The Hill*, so it would be nice if the idiotarian progressive left could kindly keep up.

The resulting charge among radical feminists on the left (but I repeat myself) that Pence discriminates against women because this means they can’t get the same one-on-one access to him as men do is just another bogus charge from the progs, trying to stir something up.  But given modern security concerns, who actually believes that any official meeting with the Vice President (or any other politician at that level) isn’t covered and recorded for security purposes?  Despite that assumption on my part, he chooses to avoid the appearance of impropriety, and I say, bully for him.

If I were VP, or frankly a politician at any level, I’d just carry around a table sign that said, “This interaction will be monitored and recorded for security purposes,” and let the chips fall where they may.  Glenn Reynolds’ advice to always record or film your own interviews, especially when you figure the opposition will cut and paste their tape to suit their agenda, makes great sense.  While it sounds Nixonian, it’s hardly covert or illegal if you come right out and say all of your interactions with other people will be recorded.  They can take it or leave it.

FWIW, I somehow suspect Pence has either read Glenn’s “The Appearance of Impropriety”, or he already understood the concept deep in his bones when he went into politics.


* See the recent profile on Karen Pence in the Washington Post.  It’s about halfway down.