but it has just been crazy around here.  I was planning to put my G5RV in the air this past weekend…and we were barely around the house.

What with fraternal events and Mom moving and the wife finally being able to get out and around and just general fucking BULLSHIT that had to be tended to, I doubt that I had an hour to myself all weekend.  And now it’s cold and next it’s going to rain.


I did have an idea, though.  I have to get some trees trimmed, and I’m thinking I may just ask the tree guys to run the bucket up on the two trees and hang the G5RV for me.  Or at least the pulley sheaves and the rope.  That would be a big help.

I keep looking at the trees and thinking, if I could get up in there with my extension ladder, I could climb the last 10 or 15 feet…and then I remember I’m too fat and on the wrong side of 50 for that shit.  Better to see if the young tree climbing types will help me out.

This is when I wish Dad had planted oaks or pines instead of maples…