A pig may be a rat may be a boy, but a woman isn’t a man.

And vive la différence.

So now that women have achieved equality, and are being allowed to join front-line combat units, they want the draft abolished so they don’t have to sign up for Selective Service.

Tough titty, ladies.  And I say that as someone who, by simple accident of birth, beat the cutoff for mandatory registration by 34 days.  And no, I didn’t volunteer to do so anyway.  I had cousins who served in Vietnam.  No thank you.  (And thank all of you who served there, and in the sandbox and other places in more recent years.  You are my heroes.)  For any male citizen born on or after 1 Jan 1960, though, it’s a requirement, and I know plenty of guys who grumbled but stepped up and did it anyway.  And yeah, there hasn’t been a draft since 1973 — but that was 4 years too close for comfort for me.  It really was a thing I worried about as a kid.  I would have gone, because my father and his brothers and my older cousins did.  But it wasn’t high on the list of things I wanted to do with my life.

I don’t support abolishing the Selective Service requirement because, upon mature reflection (and some historical background picked up along the way), I think it was a wise decision to maintain the database even in peacetime, because with modern warfare, a war could start and be nearly decided before we could gather the data from various other databases to start the draft.  I am no great supporter of conscription, but when you need an army in a hurry — as we did in WWII — even Robert Heinlein, I think, would have to agree to its utility.*

But to go back to the original point of this post:  You can call me a reactionary misogynist all you want, but we lost something when men stopped being men and women took their place.  We should NOT be placing women in harm’s way.  That is immoral and unethical and a damn fucking shame.**  Put bluntly, you don’t put your breeders on the front lines — and I’m sorry if there are women out there who don’t see it that way, because if you don’t, you also don’t understand how civilizations propagate themselves.

From a numerical standpoint, this country does not need its women to serve in combat.***  But if they want that right, they need to face up to the responsibilities, too, including registering when they turn 18.  Otherwise quit yelling about going into combat alongside the men (and there are LOTS of reasons — other than not putting your breeders into the front lines — as to why that’s a bad idea, anyway).


* Although Heinlein would probably take the attitude that, in a truly righteous war supported by a patriotic nation, the country would not need conscription.  A hundred years ago and 75 years ago I would have agreed.  Today I am not so sure.

** Hell, I’m not even happy that Israel lets them into the IDF, but I’ll give them a pass because they need the numbers.

** No, it needs its nancy-boy child-men to man up and do it.  But good luck with that.  Proggy feminist women have beaten the spine out of most of the current eligible generation.  This is one reason I would strongly support a mandatory 2 year term of service, post-high school, for every boy and girl in the US.  Yes, as a matter of fact, I have read Starship Troopers.  We can find a place for everyone, which by the way IS something the IDF does that I like.

So lemme get this straight.

You’ve now got a choice of a Hugo Chavez, a Mussolini Lite, and a lying crook — or none of the above.

“Grumpaw, so which rooftop polling place did you vote from in 2016?”

I stand with the Constitution.

John Adams: Tell me, Mr. Thomson, out of curiosity. Do you stand with Mr. Dickinson, or do you stand with me?

Thomson: I stand with the General. Well, lately, I’ve had the oddest feeling that he’s been writing to me.

Thomson: [reading from Washington’s letter] I have been in expectation of receiving a reply on the subject of my last fifteen dispatches. Is anybody there? Does anybody care? Does anybody care?

I can no longer in good conscience support any candidate from either of the two major parties.  I will vote in November, but I will cast a ballot only for Libertarian candidates.

Some think this means I’ve become a Libertarian.  Not the case.  I am a surly conservative independent curmudgeon, I do not affiliate with any political party.  It is true that I have long associated myself with the GOP because they were the last, best hope for the Republic.

No more.

I will vote for Libertarians, not because I expect them to win, or because I think they actually plan if elected to put in motion the philosophies they espouse, but because I protest the fact that the GOP and the Democrats have become nothing more than centers of political power, their elected officials more interested in private power and gain than in the welfare of the American citizens whom they claim to serve.  Both parties are filled to the brim with traitors and thieves, propping themselves up with pelf wrested from the citizenry by force (or by threat of force).  Indeed, there do not seem to be any true divisions between the two parties anymore, as they are more interested in their phoney baloney jobs and the society of their friends and fellow traitors on both sides of the aisle than they are in returning to the plow, Cincinnatus-like, and the society of the Great Unwashed who put them where they are.  Panem et circenses is their watchword to perpetuation in office; and when nearly half of Americans pay no taxes and live off of government handouts, and yet still have a vote in who represents them in Congress, it is clear that we are headed down that same path trod by Romans before us.

To this, I say, bah.  We are better than that.  At least some of us are.

The gauntlet has been thrown down, America, by those who consider themselves your betters.  What are you going to do about it?  Do you stand with those who would control you, and put chains on you?  Or do you stand with the Constitution?

Primarily musing

When we treat them the way we do, who in their right mind would want run for office for the chance to be a public servant?  And that explains why we have the jokers in office that we do.  Turns out, elections actually do have consequences.

We not only have the worst political class in the history of the Republic, we have the worst voter class in the history of the Republic. The vast majority of the electorate autopilots their Election Day decisions based on emotions anymore,* not on any actual carefully-considered reasoning informing their vote for a particular candidate. That’s why populists like Trump, who have no ideological background to get a grip on, become front-runners. Well, sure. They’re called “populists” for a reason. And they have NEVER been good for this country.

When urged to run for president, recently, General James Mattis had the right idea, which boiled down to, “Screw ’em, I can’t fix stupid.”**  In making his decision, he was undoubtedly aware of the following quotes from the Assorted Gospels of St. P. J. O’Rourke:

“Every person in America has done or said something that would keep him or her from being president. Maybe a nation that consumes as much booze and dope as we do and has our kind of divorce statistics should pipe down about ‘character issues.'”

“… in our brief national history we have shot four of our presidents, worried five of them to death, impeached one and hounded another out of office. And when all else fails, we hold an election and assassinate their character.” (Written before the Clinton impeachment, which would make it “impeached two”.)

Ah well.  I wouldn’t have said it even as little as six months ago, but we’re not going to vote our way out of this.  The progressives — who ALWAYS shit their nest — have just about managed to destroy everything we used to stand for.  President Trump or President Hillary will see to finishing it off.


* Explaining the Trump and Bernie phenomena, but not the Hillary phenomenon, unless maybe it does.

** For the benefit of idiot morons, he did not actually say that.  I’m simply translating what he actually said.

This seems reasonable to me.

Normally I would not give much credence to a case of “convicted burglar sues homeowner who shot him”, but in this case I think the homeowner probably deserves some punishment.

Convicted burglar files lawsuit against homeowner who shot him during attempted break-in

This seems, on its face, to be a cut and dried, open and shut, kick it out of court with prejudice kind of case of a homeowner “standing his ground” and defending his “castle”.  But I submit that it’s not, and I see why the burglar thinks his case might actually get somewhere.

Reviewing the article, it seems as if the would-be burglar had set off the alarm in the garage he was breaking into.  By the time the homeowner came out, the burglar was off the property, running away, and posing no threat to the homeowner. I’m no lawyer, but it seems pretty clear, in that case, Indiana’s Castle Doctrine/Stand Your Ground law implies that the use of deadly force is not an option.

Yet the homeowner apparently followed the burglar out into the alley and shot him in the back — whether on purpose, or serendipitously, seems up in the air, given that the homeowner seems to have admitted he didn’t know what he was shooting at — as the burglar was running down the alley (which is not part of the homeowner’s property, or “curtilage” as defined at law).  In other words, he continued to pursue and shoot at the miscreant after both had left the property.

Now, I’m perfectly willing to admit that, as a non-lawyer, I may be wrong about how the Castle Doctrine law is interpreted and applied, but it seemed pretty simple for me to connect the dots between IC 35-41-3-2 and 35-41-3-3 to get to “deadly force was not sanctioned”. Plus, I’ve always been told that if they’re running away and off the property, you’re best advised not to shoot, Castle Doctrine or no.  (The bad jokes about “if he was going out the window when you shot him, drag him back into the house before you call the cops” not withstanding, you are probably putting yourself into legal jeopardy if you do damn fool shit like that.)

The homeowner’s clear violation of Rule 4, “Be sure of your target and what is beyond it,” also comes to mind, but of course that is a common-sense thing, not the law.

It should be interesting to see how this plays out, particularly as a test of just how far courts are going to allow the Castle Doctrine to stretch.  I really think the court is going to have to find that the homeowner violated the letter of the law, but I don’t know how they’ll deal with that.  Probably with a slap on the hands, since the cops were apparently down with what he did and no criminal charges were filed against him — so far as I can see — at the time it happened.  But who knows.

Guess we’ll find out.  In the meantime, CCW holders need to remember something very, very, VERY important.

Namely:  You’re not a cop.  Let the police, sheriff, or other local constabulary handle it if you, your property, and your family are not in any immediate danger.  They have that three-digit speed dial direct to dispatch for a reason, and it’s their job to deal with this kind of thing.  In fact, they’d probably be a lot happier if you stopped at your property line like the law suggests you ought to, rather than running out going root-toot in the dark at something you don’t even know what it is.

For instance, if this dude had remembered that simple bit of advice, he’d probably still be alive.  But that’s another story.

That’s it.

No more caffeine right before bedtime.

Tossed and turned all night.  Had weird dreams.  The two I recall were particularly odd.

In the first one, I was walking in Broad Ripple with Tamara.*  We stopped in a new restaurant, don’t remember the name (if it even had one).  They had sugar cream pie (the Hoosier national pie), and we both had a huge slice.  Since I don’t actually like sugar cream pie, I have absolutely no clue why that was important.  I woke up after that and then dozed off again.

In the second dream, I was sitting at a table with Shaquille O’Neal, Charles Barkley, and some other former NBA players.**  We were talking about basketball and then I said something about Shaq’s Masonic ring.  We started talking about Masonry and everyone else at the table was like, dude, WTF are you talking about?  Then I woke up again and dozed off again.

I think I prefer not remembering my dreams.  Easier that way.


* No idea why.  And no idea why Bobbi wasn’t with us.  Or my wife, or any of the blogmeet crew.  Or why craft beer wasn’t involved somehow.

** No idea why.  Shaq is in fact a Freemason, FWIW.  But where that came from, not a friggin’ clue.

May Day wishes

To all living communists, socialists, progressives, and their ilk:  Please go to directly to Hell.  Do not pass go, do not collect $200.  (You believe in a cashless society anyway, you don’t need it.)

To Karl Marx, Josef Engels, Vladimir Lenin, Josef Stalin, Mao Tse-Tung, Chiang Kai-Shek, Pol Pot, Ho Chi Minh, and all of their successors:  Hopefully you are enjoying your long roast in the hot place (or your long chill in the cold place, depending on your particular vision of Hell).  May your sojourn there last until the heat death of the universe.

To all Donald Trump supporters:  Fuck.  You.  Oh, wait.  He’s just a populist.  Well, populists are assholes, too.  So I can tell them to go fuck themselves on Commie Day, too.

Actually no surprise

that Drumpf and Shrillery won their respective primaries in NY State last night.

Both of them are Favorite Assholes in a state well known for same.

More lying crap from the far right.

Look, seriously: Please stop this shit.


Posted on Facebook last night by a friend who ought to know better. Go Google “US Army Sgt. Gregory Hayes”.  There is no such person* and, so far as I can tell, no such crime being tried in the courts.

I rail every day about memes like this that are promulgated by the loony left, but it just absolutely enrages me when I see the isolationist far right doing the same thing.  You people are better than this.  Because, if you’re not, you need to be put down like the rabid dogs you are.

I am no fan of opening the borders to unvetted Syrian refugees — or any others.  I want illegal aliens to go home and not come back.  But I refuse to be a party to rabble-rousing by ANY group of people.  STOP LYING, YOU FUCKS.  AND DO YOUR GODDAMN RESEARCH BEFORE YOU BLINDLY PASS A MEME YOU LIKED BECAUSE YOUR FUCKING KNEE JERKED AND YOU GOT A HARD-ON WHEN YOU SAW IT.



* At least not according to Google; if your name is Gregory Hayes and you’re a retired Army Sergeant, I apologize, but I doubt you’re sitting in jail waiting to be tried for murder…and no retired Army Sergeant would be sitting in a bar wearing a hipster beardlet, anyway.  I hope.  Because if you are, either grow that fuzz out proper, or get a fucking shave, sarge.

You can bomb the fuck out of Germany

but apparently you can’t civilize them, even after 70 years.

Jokes About Erdogan Aren’t Funny in Germany

The government has allowed authorities to prosecute—if they choose to do so—Jan Böhmermann, a satirist who mocked the Turkish leader on TV.

This borders on the barbaric.  In an ostensibly-free society, public figures are not exempt from satire or libel, and have no recourse at law if they are satirized or libeled in their official capacities (although frankly, I don’t think it’s actually possible to libel a public official; sometimes the truth is simply the truth).  Merkel should be given the heave-ho just for allowing this to happen, not that she oughtn’t be given the heave-ho on general principles anyway.

Honestly, there are times I don’t think we bombed the Germans hard enough in WWII.  Maybe we need to send a few B-52s over and try it again.

And just for the record, Erdogan is a fascist pig.  Pig, I say.  Pig.

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