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Oh my goodness.  I got up this morning and was ready to kick ass, take names, and chew bubblegum.  And I was all out of bubblegum.

Backstory:  Some months back, I had a colonoscopy.  When they asked me if I had sleep apnea, I said no.  Then when I woke up, the doc was kind of upset with me, because he said I’d stopped breathing a few times under anesthesia and they had to kick up the oxygen to make me start up again.  He said it wasn’t his call but he thought I had obstructive sleep apnea and to get my ass to my primary care physician for a referral for a sleep study.

My PCP was perfectly happy to do that, and in December, I did the sleep study. It was a home sleep study, which means for two nights, you sleep with this minicomputer strapped to your forehead and a couple of tubes stuck up your nose.  Of course I slept like shit.  I gather that this beat the regular sleep study that you do at the sleep center.

A couple of weeks ago, I got the results:  Severe obstructive sleep apnea.  Resolution:  Get a CPAP machine and lose weight.  So I got the CPAP machine yesterday.  No, I don’t know why it takes so damn long for this process to happen.

Anyway, the CPAP I got is one that just has “nasal pillows”.  I shit you not, that’s what they’re called right on the package.  Basically it’s a rig that goes over your head with a strap around the back of your neck, and that rig holds the device that goes on your nose in place.  The “nasal pillows” go on your nostrils and you get this nice flow of air into your nose all night that keeps your soft palate from collapsing and you from breathing.  If you still can’t visualize this thing, it looks like this.

The CPAP machine also has an optional humidifier that keeps your nose from getting dry.  The tech who explained all this to me said that some peoples’ insurance doesn’t cover the humidifier.  Luckily mine does, but I cannot imagine how dry the nostrils of folks whose insurance doesn’t cover it get.  As it was, my nose was sore just from having the nasal pillows strapped to it all night.  I gather one gets used to that.

I didn’t think I’d be able to deal with this thing all night the first night, but other than getting up for the usual old man reasons around 5:00 AM, I did actually wear it all night.  My wife said that I absolutely did not snore for the first time in years, and in fact she was having trouble sleeping because I wasn’t snoring.  As for me, this was the first morning in years that I haven’t woken up with the Sahara Desert in my mouth.

And I slept the sleep of the blessed.  No anoxia-induced nightmares right before waking up gasping and covered in sweat.  In fact, no dreams at all.

If you even think you might have sleep apnea, get thee to a sleep specialist and get help.  That shit is no joke.  I have so much more energy today than I’ve had in forever that I am really kicking ass and taking names.  (Luckily, I really don’t care for bubblegum.)

Fuck you, American Media.

And you, too, Islamist scum.


Big media fuckers, scared to death by a bunch of barbarian assholes. Sad.

EDIT TO ADD:  Shit, this is the one I meant to put up.  Idiot.



Indiana State Representative Doug Gutwein must not want to be re-elected, come 2016.  And he’s a Republican, to boot.

In the 2015 legislative session, he’s filed HB 1029, which

Provides that an individual must indicate on an application for or a renewal of a driver’s license, permit, or identification card whether the individual possesses a handgun license (license). Requires the bureau of motor vehicles (bureau) to verify whether the individual has a license by contacting the superintendent of the state police department. Requires the bureau to place a notation on the individual’s driver’s license, permit, or identification card that indicates that the individual possesses a license. Makes a technical correction.

This is wrong for a couple of reasons.

In Indiana, there is no duty to inform law enforcement that I have a weapon in the car, or that I have an LTCH.  What this bill does is preempt my right to keep that information to myself during a traffic stop.  (If the policeman asked me to step out of the car, and I were carrying, I would tell him so that I could unlimber myself in a way that kept him comfortable.  That’s just common courtesy.)

Worse, in some fascist states like Maryland, apparently the police are somehow targeting permit holders for traffic stops.  As someone who not infrequently traverses the People’s Republic of Maryland on the national Interstate System, I would be extremely concerned about this information being not only accessible via BMV records, but actually printed on my driver’s license.  When I’m forced to drive through Maryland, or through any of the fascist states, I simply don’t take a handgun.  And I certainly don’t want a Maryland cop tearing my car apart looking for one simply based on the fact that I have an LTCH back in Indiana.

Bottom line, I don’t think any LTCH holder wants this information on their driver’s license.  You’d be well advised to call or write your state rep today.

And while you’re doing that, you might want to show some support for HB 1144, which

Repeals the law that requires a person to obtain a license to carry a handgun in Indiana. Makes conforming amendments.

Constitutional carry in Indiana?  Be still, my heart.


Way back around the first of December, after I lost my wallet Thanksgiving week (and wasn’t that a fun time to lose a wallet with credit cards, ID, amateur radio license, LTCH), I sent the State Police a money order for $20 and the appropriate form to get a duplicate LTCH.*

It came in the mail yesterday.

Seriously?  Six weeks to process a duplicate handgun carry license?  OK, fine, they have to run another background check on you when you put in for a replacement license.  But geez, six weeks?

On the other hand, I did get one of the nice new plastic licenses.


* I had to send the paper form rather than apply online because I did not have a record of the license number.  You can bet I have that information safely stored now.

Remember: The worst US president, bar none, had a Ph.D.

So the new talking point aimed at preventing a Scott Walker candidacy in 2016 is that he doesn’t have a college degree.  And of course the WaPo is twattering about it.

Lincoln, of course, didn’t have any college at all.  He was just smart enough to educate himself out of books and later by reading the law with an established lawyer.

Wilson, by comparison, was probably the most statist/fascist president we’ve ever had, short of whatever Commander Zero cooks up in the next two years, and he had a Ph.D.

It’s enough to make a good Jacksonian think that the more eddicated a man is, the less prepared he is for the Presidency.  And there’s something to that way of thinking; if you spend too much time in the ivory tower, you don’t typically have much of a grasp on the workings of the real world.  Certainly Wilson didn’t.

Right now, given the past few presidents we’ve had, I’d be perfectly happy to see a blue-collar type with common sense and some real-world smarts in the Oval Office.  Sure as hell all the college boys we’ve had in the past 70 years or so haven’t done us much good.

My idiot student loan company

otherwise known as Nelnet, which I paid off over seven years ago and have never heard from since (thankfully), just spammed me trying to sell me health insurance.

Health insurance?  They could barely administer student loans competently, why would I ever buy insurance from them?  Beside the fact that I have Blue Cross through my employer.

FOAD, Nelnet.

Well, shucky durn.

The boss is letting us off at 2PM today.  Sweet!  Maybe I can work some of those ARRL red badges before 0000 UTC.

Happy New Year, all.

Yes, Virginia, the government fucks up everything.

Tam bemoans gummint fingers in the vintage photo battery pie.

A couple of years ago, discovering pretty much the same thing, I bought some Wein cells (PX625 and PX13 replacements, 1.35V) from an online camera/video supplier.  I struck out in the battery lottery, too — my Olympus OM-1n, Gossen Luna Pro, and YashicaMat 124G all required a mercury cell battery that the gummint won’t let you buy anymore.2014-12-30 10.59.59

I got them from here:  Adorama Camera.  The one I installed in the OM-1n is still kickin’, although I have to admit I haven’t used that camera much at all since then.  And all it does is power the meter, anyway.  (This ain’t no OM-2n, ya know.  I had one of those, too, but I got rid of it years ago.)


I think I more or less have things the way I want them now.

Can you believe

I actually had to work today.

Which means, I grabbed the laptop, set it on the table in our sumptuous Hampton Inn suite up here in $WHEREGRANDSONLIVES-ville, and logged into work like I normally do when we’re home.

And I have handled exactly squat for mail today.  Other than auto-status notifications from various machines, a couple of support emails from overnight that were answered today, and a couple of emails from staff saying, “I’m going to lunch” or “I’m back from lunch” — we aren’t even getting spammed.

I guess even the spammers had enough sense to close up shop for the day.  Not us.

Bored, bored, bored.  I may have to see if there’s any pay-per-view pro wrestling or giant truck races on the goddamnoisybox.  Anything to get me to 5PM still sane.

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