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Moving on.

I demitted from a lodge I helped found tonight.

Mumblety-teen years ago, there were four of us who decided that our fraternal interests would be well served by a lodge that did things differently than most.  A lodge that would be small, formal, and would inculcate the true lessons taught by our ritual and philosophy.  A gentleman’s lodge.  So we and about 30 other men formed that lodge, and I was its charter secretary for about 13 years.

The lodge ebbed and flowed; at one point it got down to fewer than 10 members, and then it started to grow again and is a vibrant lodge where everybody knows everyone and people come because it meets only five times a year and always has something educational (as well as a good restaurant-cooked meal).

As I’ve gotten older in both physical years and fraternal years, I’ve decided to back off of some of the things I do.  Particularly as a secretary.  I counted up the “secretary-years” of all the groups I’ve served in that capacity over my nearly two decades in the fraternity, and it’s now up over 50.  (At times, I’ve been secretary of five or six bodies at a time.)  So among my other “retirements”, I retired from the secretary position in this particular lodge two years ago.

Regrettably, I haven’t been to a meeting of that lodge since.  I’ve been to one of the festive dinners, when a friend and brother from Virginia addressed the lodge, but that’s it.  And because the lodge is predicated on mandatory attendance (which is admittedly honored more in the breach than otherwise), and because I’m tired, and have a life membership in another lodge, and because frankly I have better things to do with the dues money, I went over tonight and handed in my request to be dismissed from plural membership.

The few brothers I discussed it with were at first a bit shocked but then they understood.  I hope.  And I left before the meeting started, because I didn’t want to be sitting there in lodge when they read my letter — just because I didn’t want to see the disappointment I imagine was engendered when they heard that the second-to-last founding member was leaving.

They’ll be fine.  And I’ll have more time to do other things without feeling guilty that I missed the meetings.

It’s not meant to interfere with our usual vocations, you know.

Karma, she’s a raging bitch.

Hillary Fixer Breaks Ranks: I Arranged Sex Trysts For Her – With Men & WOMEN


Yeah, right, it’s just the National Enquirer, you say.  But they were right about John Edwards, remember?

Get the popcorn, folks.  This one is going to be fun to watch play out.

Really, folks, Republicans aren’t Nazis, and they aren’t fascists, either.

Apparently the Republican headquarters down in North Carolina that was firebombed by Democrat terrorists (but I repeat myself) had a swastika painted on it along with the words “NAZI REPUBLICANS LEAVE TOWN OR ELSE”.  Normally I wouldn’t bother to link to Bill O’Reilly but it was in a video of his that I saw on Fecesbook.

Leaving aside the question of who is the more Nazi-esque, the alleged Nazi or the Nazi trying to run him out of town, the appellation “Nazi Republican” is, I fear, a contradiction in terms.  For the Nazis were not men of the right; they were men of the left, as is clearly indicated by the name of their part, Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei, or in good clean American, National SOCIALIST German Workers Party.

The left seems to need to have this concept beaten into their heads on a regular basis, along with the correct political alignment of the term fascist, which is also a term for men of the left.  Mussolini, for instance, the Great Fascist Il Duce of wartime Italy, was a man of the left.  Indeed, he got most of his ideas from another great fascist wartime leader and man of the left — President Woodrow Wilson.

So please, Democrats, stop calling Republicans nazis and fascists.  If you’re going to use those old nasty terms, do so when looking at yourself in the mirror.  Or at your presidential and vice-presidential candidates.

The fall colors are coming out nicely.

I noticed on the way back from downtown that the cluster of traitors to their class who live on Grandview Drive just north of where it branches off of Michigan Road have suddenly sprouted a fresh crop of Clinton-Kaine signs in their yards.

Always nice to see who the rich folks are supporting.  Noted for future reference when the revolution starts.

But Bullwinkle, socialism never works.

A dear friend of mine — a dear misguided friend of mine, not only a lefty, but a Bernie Sanders advocate — greeted the news of the final closing of the Trump Taj Mahal casino (which hasn’t belonged to any Trump enterprise since February, when it was purchased by Carl Icahn) with the following lament:

He’d run the country like a business. /shudder

Well, alrighty then.

There are a lot of us out here thinking, “Gee whiz, running it like a business would actually be a plus.  Because it sure isn’t being run like a business now, and we’re damn near out of other people’s money as a result.”

Historically, socialism never works.  But Gen-X and later don’t read much history.  In their defense, their teachers didn’t teach them much practical history to begin with.  And these are the people who will be running the country when we’re old and trying to live on whatever scraps the busted Ponzi scheme known as Social Security tosses us.

Scares me.

(Historical reference in title:)

Yeah, Trump disgusts me.

Yet it continues to amaze me that Trump is still being beaten up for things he said nearly a decade ago*, while Hillary is being given a complete pass on all the stuff that Wikileaks has been dumping, not to mention the other things we know about like the complete nudge, nudge, wink, wink joke of an FBI investigation into her illegal, insecure email server, the take from which the Russians are probably still chortling over.  Also not to mention Benghazi.  Also not to mention the trail of bodies that leads back to her.  Also not to mention her covering up for Bill’s indiscretions.  The woman has truly got a set of brass ovaries on her, no matter how withered they are at this point.

Hillary should be in jail, and I mean in federal prison, for some of the things she’s known to have done.  Trump gets yelled at for being a crude, rude SOB, none of which is cause to put him behind bars, and frankly, most of which most males have thought if not spoken aloud at one point or another in the hormonal blindness of their misspent youth.

Hillary supporters are the real danger to this country, not Trump supporters. Because it’s clear those who support Hillary don’t give a damn about the things she’s done that have actually made this country less secure.  If there is justice in this world, Hillary supporters will be the first sheep on the trains after January 20, when she reveals her true nature, and we find out that Oceania has always been at war with Eastasia.

* When, just to keep the meme alive, he was still a Democrat.

This is an ex-parrot.

I didn’t bother to watch the debates last night, and unless you were simply looking for laughs or for masochistic jollies, I have no idea why you would have watched, either.

The choices are so bad (including the third parties) that, if you haven’t already made up your mind, you’re too stupid to live.  And you certainly shouldn’t be allowed into a voting booth.

At this point I don’t even care for whom you vote.  All choices are equally bad.  Just do me a favor:  When you step up to cast your ballot, at least pretend to believe that you’re making the best possible decision.

Because there may not be a next time.

The Electoral College is still a good idea.

A few days ago there were a number of letters to the editor in the Wall Street Journal calling for the retirement of the Electoral College in favor of direct election via popular vote. Indeed, one letter damned the Electoral College as disenfranchising those who voted for the losing candidates in the various “winner take all” states.

That letter in particular made clear that its writer does not understand the genius of the Founders in creating the College. The common mistake made by detractors of the College is to imagine the United States as a democracy – which it absolutely is not, and never has been, despite the best efforts of progressives to claim otherwise in pursuit of their socialist agenda. The United States is a federal republic of sovereign States, with democratically-elected leaders at every level (at least, ever since the poorly-conceived, populist Seventeenth Amendment was ratified) except for the federal Presidency. The Electoral College, far from being a tool of disenfranchisement as the one writer would have it, is rather a very “small-r” republican institution which distills the essence of partisan, populist democracy (i.e., the popular vote) into a rational and balanced method of choosing a president for the Federal Republic, while preserving at least the perception that the putatively-sovereign States continue to control the Republic of which they are a part. Those States could, if they chose, reassert that control; it is, after all, written right there in the same Constitution that establishes the Electoral College as the way we choose a President.

That being said, it is unlikely that there would be so much smoke and fire regarding the Electoral College if the balance between the three branches of government were not terribly askew. There have been times in our history when Congress was in the ascendant; there have been times (including now) when the Executive was in the ascendant. Rather than creating yet another Constitutional crisis by modifying how we elect the Executive, wouldn’t it be far better for Congress to work actively with the States to reign in the existing Constitutional crisis of an out-of-control Executive and its underlying, bloated bureaucracy?

Go big or go home.

Kevin D. Williamson knocks one out of the park at The Corner.  Which surprises me, I’d pretty much quit reading NR because they’ve turned into a bunch of squishy cons since Buckley translated to Heaven.  Williamson seems to be “bucking” that trend.

[In the Third Punic War] the Romans went back to Carthage and absolutely wrecked the place. They Romans had a rougher time of it getting there than they’d expected, and they arrived in Carthage in ill temper. They were also resolved that there would not be a fourth Punic war. Having decisively beaten the army on the field, they laid siege to Carthage, starving much of the population. At the end of the siege, there were about 50,000 surviving Carthaginians. The Romans massacred a fair number of them while taking the city and sold the remainder into slavery. They spent the next 17 days systematically burning and demolishing Carthage, though the legend that they plowed salt into the fields in order to render the land barren apparently is a 19th century invention; securing a steady supply of grain was a Roman obsession, and North Africa was an important breadbasket.

Going on 22 centuries later, nobody has heard a peep from Carthage.

Mission accomplished.

Williamson goes on to make the subtle point that, in Syria, we should either go big, or go home; and if we decided to go big, there would be nothing left of Syria when our forces finished up. I myself think the latter is probably the choice that yields the best outcome, but our modern political leaders don’t have the stomach to raze a thrice-naughty country to the ground like the Romans did.

On one point, he and I have to agree to disagree.  He states, “Americans’ appetite for investing blood and treasure in these enterprises is pretty weak.”  This may be true for the sort of milquetoast nation-building bullshit we’ve been attempting in the region since 2003, but I suspect the American public will eventually be handed another 9/11 and will at that time be perfectly happy to follow the leader who, like the Romans of old, simply decides to declare a pox on all sides of the Syrian conflict, and summarily wipes Syria off the map pour encorager les autres.

Of course, I’ve been saying for years that 20 megatons over just about any Arab capital — or Tehran, or Pyongyang — would be 20 megatons well-dropped, but nobody seems to be listening.

The idea that we are somehow “better” than the Romans or other historical peoples because we don’t ruthlessly roll over our enemies, burn their cities to the ground, and enslave the survivors, but rather that we try to understand them, don’t destroy their customs/traditions/religions, and contribute to building them back up again after we defeat them, is really pretty goddamn stupid, and it’s unfortunately infected Western countries since at least WWI, and certainly since WWII.  I mean, I am part German/Austrian myself, but for what the Germans did in WWII, we should have razed that country as flat as a pancake and used it to play football against the Soviets with Hitler’s head.  Over the ensuing 70+ years, it’s become obvious that we did them (and ourselves) no favors by treating them kindly and building their country back up.  Angela Merkel and her ilk are proof of that spoiled batch of pudding.

And I like the Japanese, I’ve studied them extensively, and I think they are, at base, good people.  But again, for the way they prosecuted the war in the Pacific — flat as a pancake, Hirohito and Tojo’s heads for footballs.

The West in victory, over the past century or so, has become too kind between the wars, apparently in the hope of creating a lasting, permanent peace.  Historically, however, it’s clear that mankind simply marks time from war to war, and maintains “peace” only by making constant preparation for war.  Because progressives and right-thinkers have decided that the way to break this cycle is to downplay war and subdue by indoctrination the inclination to same by the new generations, we in the West have by and large lost something valuable and important in the modern era.

Is it any wonder that groups like the SCA, the Knights of Columbus, and the Masonic Knights Templar still attract members?  I think not.  Despite indoctrination in schools and universities, and despite the lies of the progressive-controlled press, conflict is the natural state of man, and it shall be until time shall be no more.  Attempts to change that without changing the very nature of man are like spitting into the wind.  And it is clear to any honest historian that such attempts have only made the world a more dangerous place.

The only way to keep the peace is to stomp the troublemakers flat before they get out of their neighborhood.  In hindsight, had the Brits and the French stomped on Hitler’s Rhineland bluff, we’d probably have avoided WWII.  And if we’d stomped on that little fat fucker Muqtada al-Sadr (link1, link2, link3, link4 if you don’t remember who he is) back in 2004 or 2007, we might not have Daesh right now.

Opportunity lost.  The Romans are shaking their heads at us, wondering how we went wrong.

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