One man’s lying hypocrite is another’s rational pragmatist

Almost posted in response to FB comments to the effect that Ted Cruz is a “religious freak” and “lying hypocrite” with a “crook-ass daddy”:

Ofttimes, the line between “hypocrite” and “pragmatist” is razor-thin.  Some would say that the pragmatists Abraham Lincoln and Ronald Reagan could be called hypocrites, too.  And, I mean, if we really want to talk about lying hypocrites, the last name “Clinton” isn’t usually long coming to the fore.

Be that as it may, I admit that I find myself really beginning to hate holding my nose when I vote.  Makes it hard to get my ballot into the slot, and the Democrats who run my precinct look at me funny.  But I’d vote for Cruz if he were the nominee.

Given to whom the comments were in response, I decided the better part of valor was not to post my rebuttal there.  So I’m posting it here.

Veterans Day 2015

O valiant hearts who to your glory came
Through dust of conflict and through battle flame;
Tranquil you lie, your knightly virtue proved,
Your memory hallowed in the land you loved.
Proudly you gathered, rank on rank, to war
As who had heard God’s message from afar;
All you had hoped for, all you had, you gave,
To save mankind—yourselves you scorned to save.
Splendid you passed, the great surrender made;
Into the light that nevermore shall fade;
Deep your contentment in that blest abode,
Who wait the last clear trumpet call of God.
Long years ago, as earth lay dark and still,
Rose a loud cry upon a lonely hill,
While in the frailty of our human clay,
Christ, our Redeemer, passed the self same way.
Still stands His Cross from that dread hour to this,
Like some bright star above the dark abyss;
Still, through the veil, the Victor’s pitying eyes
Look down to bless our lesser Calvaries.
These were His servants, in His steps they trod,
Following through death the martyred Son of God:
Victor, He rose; victorious too shall rise
They who have drunk His cup of sacrifice.
O risen Lord, O Shepherd of our dead,
Whose cross has bought them and Whose staff has led,
In glorious hope their proud and sorrowing land
Commits her children to Thy gracious hand.

Microsoft and their spyware Windows 10 can piss off

I’m a big advocate of tort reform, but I know of one class action suit I’d join in a heartbeat: Someone needs to sue Microsoft for continuing to push Windows 10 to Windows 7 and Windows 8.x users who bloody well don’t want it.

I don’t want monetary damages, I want Microsoft to stop trying to force me to upgrade. That’s all. I’m happy with Windows 7 and don’t intend to upgrade anytime soon.

Want control over Microsoft’s pesky annoying ways? Use the GWX Control Panel to turn that Windows 10 upgrade crap off.

Apparently I made someone mad enough to put me on a block list.

Thanks.  There’s nothing like recognition, even if it’s negative in nature.  Sadly, I doubt anything I wrote made you actually stop to think.

2015-11-09 11.10.49-cropped(The above came up when I tried to open the site while eating breakfast at Jack in the Box yesterday morning.  It saddens me that any public accommodator who offers free wifi feels the need to censor the Internet.)

[ETA:  Fortinet were kind enough to revise the rating to “Personal Websites and Blogs” at my request.  Thank you!]

Obviously, the media are making up for lost time.

Caption of front page photo, WSJ, weekend edition that came out last Saturday:*

“Parts of the inspiring life story of Republican Party presidential candidate Ben Carson, who has risen to the top of recent polls on the strength of his biography, are being challenged.”

If only this level of scrutiny had been applied to candidates in 2008.


* I was out of town.  Just got around to reading it.  The irony, it burns.

Anonymous in the hood

No, seriously.

Here we have a group — Anonymous — who slink around in the shadows, and pretend to be saviors of humanity by “exposing” information that their members have either hacked or otherwise managed to steal from its owners.  They use the Guy Fawkes mask as their identifier, which suits them as they hide their identities from the world.

I’m sure they feel that this makes them super dudes (and chicks — never forget the chicks), morally superior to the rest of humanity because they cannot be caught at what they do.

Then they do something like publish a supposed list of KKK members at high levels in government.

Dudes (and chicks — never forget the chicks), apparently you don’t see the irony in a bunch of masked criminal jerks (which is what you are) exposing a bunch of hooded racist jerks — if in fact they actually are hooded racist jerks; your list is long on accusation but way short on, you know, actual proof.

What Anonymous really is, is a group of cowards who are too pusillanimous to come out in the open and shout, “J’accuse!”  And that’s because they know they’d be facing long prison terms if they did.

Not to mention defamation lawsuits from the many names on their current list who probably have nothing whatsoever to do with the KKK.

Anonymous, your name is Asshole.  And you’ve jumped the shark.  How’s that new hood fit?


Someone posted a photo of a ham radio operator sitting at a Field Day rig wearing a tin foil hat (obviously, captioned, “It’s a conspiracy!”).

Which got me to thinking.  I think the conspiracy nuts have it backwards.  What if a tin foil hat actually functions as a capacitive hat to help one’s long wavelength, low frequency thoughts get out better? Perhaps it works by making one’s neurons appear electrically longer than they actually are.

Fools!  You’re playing straight into the hands of the NSA and their mind-reading equipment!  Bahahahaha!


ETA:  This was later pointed out.

In a nutshell.

Bernie Sanders everyone gets trophySomeone needs to attend every Bernie Sanders rally from now till doomsday and unfurl a gigantic “TANSTAAFL!” banner.


Way back on February 8, I received and installed some Energizer Ultimate Lithium AA batteries in our front-door Kwikset electronic deadbolt.  Standard AA alkaline batteries were only lasting a few weeks, particularly in the cold weather, and I was tired of changing them all the time.  So I thought I’d try something different.

That set of four batteries has never been changed.  In fact I ended up using the rest of the batteries in the pack of 8 for other things.  Then I bought another 8-pack in May, thinking that eventually I’d have to change them out.  Still haven’t done it, and I’ve used three of those for other things.

That’s 8 and a half months on a single set of lithium batteries for something that was eating alkalines like there was no tomorrow.  I’m impressed.  I knew lithiums were better, but I didn’t know they were that much better.

And by the way

All the fan geeks out there doing Star Wars “news” videos?

Dudes.  Get a life.  Get a fucking life.

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