2021 Fighting Words List

(Shamelessly stolen from a MeWe friend)

Two weeks to flatten the curve.

You don’t want gramma to die, do you?

I wear this mask for other people.

We just need a vaccine.

We’ll be wearing masks into 2022.

The vaccine won’t end this…

The time is coming when any or all of these will guarantee the speaker gets a black eye.  Or worse.

Status update

People need to stop being afraid, throw off the masks, stop worrying about congregating, and basically tell the government to go fuck itself with a grenade launcher.

So glad I didn’t bother re-upping with the BSA last year.

There is apparently a new merit badge, to be required for Eagle, called…

Wait for it…

The Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Merit Badge

40 years in the Scouting movement and I couldn’t take it anymore when they started letting girls in.

This is even worse.

Apparently the feedback from stakeholders has been really, really bad, and they’ve so far held off on actually adding it to the requirement list.

The Scouting movement has gone wokey-dokey.  It’s toast.  Sorry, parents, you need to find something else for your boys to learn to become men.

Also this.

Just want to remind those fuckers behind that fence that they work for ME — not the other way around.

And they should every damn one of them — with a very few exceptions — have their American cards revoked.


Also, “Now do why Biden fired the US Attorney in Chicago who was looking into Democrat political corruption.”

Correia hits it on the head

Unfortunately, not literally, like with a sledgehammer.  Anyway, I’m no longer on FarceBork, so I’ll share his post about WorldCon — and what a con it is — and their cowardly decision to withdraw their GoH invitation to Baen’s Toni Weisskopf, here.

An Open Letter To The Old Time Fans at WorldCon

Do go and read deeply of it.  Especially if you think you are a SMOF.  Because you probably aren’t, and that will make this clear.

Status update

RIP Rush Limbaugh.

“He was a man, take him for all in all, I shall not look upon his like again.”


Wanna go for three, bitches?

Status update

Always remember: Whenever Slow Joe throws someone under the bus, it’s the short bus.

Oh, Mando, Mando, Mando.

So now I have to decide whether or not to dump Disney+ because Gina Carano has been cancelled over an Instagram post comparing political oppression to the Nazi treatment of Jews in Germany.

Her post has been claimed to be anti-Semitic.  When in fact it is anything but.

Friends, there’s going to be a reckoning, if we can just get conservative Trumpists off their lazy butts and into the streets.  I keep wondering when it’s going to happen.  Maybe Biden’s lackeys floating what amounts to imposing an internal passport system due to “more virulent” strains of WuFlu will do it.  I don’t know.

I do know i didn’t raise that black flag up there just to raise a black flag.  When do we take our country back from the Fascists?

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