My mortgage identifies as a student loan.

(This just happens to have been my calendar page for the day, and boy, does it fit the Bidet Maladministration.)

Fuck Joe Biden, and fuck anyone who benefits from his illegal, unconstitutional student loan “forgiveness.”

I paid mine off in ten years (1997-2006) without consolidation.

My mortgage identifies as a student loan.

See also, a Gen-Zer who gets it:

When I agreed to take out student loans for college, I did so with the understanding that they were my responsibility to pay back, and no one else’s.


It’s that day again.

I love you.  I miss you.  I know things are better where you are.  Doesn’t stop me from wishing you were here.

Another DAZ3D tribute to the lady.  (She would have liked this dress.)

Look, let’s make this really crystal clear.

Yes, Greenwood Park Mall was posted No Guns. Small problem with that:

No Guns signs do not have the force of law in Indiana.

Simon Malls counts on people to follow their “code of conduct” which states “No Weapons” — but has no way to enforce such a ban unless someone who is legally carrying concealed happens to do something that indicates they have a gun. (Or a knife; or any other “weapon”.) At which point Simon Malls’ only recourse is to demand said person leave the mall, and they can file charges of trespassing if said person refuses.

What the mall and the merchants don’t know about, they can’t ban, not even with a stupid and meaningless sign. The whole thing is ridiculous anyway, just like any Gun Free Zone is really a Criminal Attractive Nuisance.

The bottom line is the GGWAG was LEGALLY carrying while he shopped and ate at GPM, same as I was a month ago when I went down there to get a pair of glasses made and have lunch at Friday’s.

So if the shitlibs could get off their “BUT THE MALL WAS POSTED NO GUNS AAAAAAAAAAAaAAAAA!” soapbox, it would be nice.

And yes…dude is a fucking hero. And a hell of a shot. I’d buy him a beer any time.

I would like to state for the record…

…that Shannon Watts is a malicious, prevaricating cunt who knows she’s lying through her teeth.

And yes, this is about the attempted mass shooting at Greenwood Park Mall.

So we’ll just keep this for the record.

Note to Governor Dog Daddy: Time for a temporary remission of the state gas tax

In Indiana, well, in Indianapolis, anyway, gasoline seems to be running around $5.25/gallon.  Which has us in that same deep red as that deep blue over-taxed state, Illinois, and the People’s Republic of Commiefornia, too.

How can the People’s Republic of Maryland (for instance) have cheaper gas than Indiana?  Well, pull up a chair and I’ll explain the anatomy of that $5.25/gallon gasoline.

Of that, 32 cents (33 cents as of July 1) is the state gasoline tax.  Which is tacked on after the 7% sales tax (which the state calls a “use tax” just to be disingenuous), which means the real price of gasoline right now is around $4.60.

Then take another 18 cents off for the federal tax (over which the state has no control) and you get to $4.42/gallon.  Of course, there’s no help for that, since Brandon would never consider a federal gasoline tax holiday, but even at $4.60/gallon, Dog Daddy could be saving his constituents around 65 cents a gallon right now if he’d executive-order the state gasoline taxes to be waived for the duration of…say…the remainder of the Bidet Maladministration.

Of course, we all know Dog Daddy won’t do anything like that, because he obviously loves to see us Hoosiers suffer under his watch.

Fucking RINO.

I aim to misbehave

And when I started this here blog back in ’02, the price of gas was around $1.35/gal.

20th Blogiversary

Yeah, I know, I don’t blog much anymore…but it is true that 20 years ago today, I started up this old blog, under a different name, but it’s the same blog no matter what.

And the government — local, state, and federal — can still go fuck itself.

Eighth Anniversary

I will remember you
Will you remember me?
Don’t let your life pass you by
Weep not for the memories

— Sarah McLachlan

(Yeah, a little Daz3D creation in memory of the lady.)


Todd Young needs to be primaried.

It may or may not be too late, but Sen. Todd Young (R-IN) is one of the idiot traitors (but I repeat myself) who voted for the big Ukraine aid package and G-d knows what else, all of which is basically funded with funny money because they’re not even pretending anymore, and the bill for which nobody could possibly have read before voting for it.

From a MeWe post:

18 Republicans voted in the dead of night to pass a $1.5 Trillion Omnibus Spending Bill that sends ~ $14,000,000,000 to Ukraine, despite the fact that our Southern Border is wide open, the Wall is not funded, and America’s infrastructure is crumbling under the weight of a foreign invasion.

These are all good points.  And one of the idiots, I mean, GOPers who voted for it was Todd Young.

Primary the RINO bitch.

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