WSJ: “Trump Celebrates His Victory, Then Renews Cruz Feud”

That’s one of the headlines in my dead-tree copy, this morning.  The online site has it as, somewhat more toned down, “Donald Trump Celebrates With Victory Lap, but Feud Festers”.

And this is why Donald Trump is not going to win.

The convention’s over, Mr. Trump.  It’s time to focus on your real opponent, the sleazebag crook whom the Democrats are going to nominate next week.  The one who says that the GOP convention was “mean-spirited”, again according to the caption on a picture of her on the front page of the dead-tree WSJ.

You keep failing that Rorschach test, Mr. Trump.  So why on earth would any real conservative vote for you in November?  You simply haven’t made your case, yet, mostly because every time you do, you torpedo it with your next move.

So far I see nothing to keep me from either scratching the presidential contest altogether, or casting a “what the hell” vote for the Libertarians.  And that’s not a vote for Hillary, that’s a vote for America.  Call it a cry in the darkness.

None of the above is acceptable.

Compassion goes only so far.

I feel sorry for the individual Germans (and their families) who have been shot and wounded/killed in today’s very special German edition of “Their motives were unclear”.

But only sorry to a certain extent.  Because you fuckers did vote in your government, which is all for letting Syrian RIFs migrate into your country, pretty much without any kind of vetting.

You reap what you sow.  If I were you, I’d start carrying…oh, wait.  You can’t.  Sucks to be you.

OK. *sigh* We’re not voting our way out of this one.

I agree with everything Ted Cruz said last night.  Vote your conscience; vote for candidates who will uphold the Constitution.

And fuck anyone who says I’m voting for Hildabeest.  That’s not what it’s about.  If we’re not voting for the Constitution, and voting our conscience, we’re no longer the nation the Founders thought we were.

Here’s a hint:  We’re not.  And we’re certainly no better than they were.  My read?  They’d be pissed as hell that we squandered their legacy, but they’d completely and totally understand how it happened.

And they’d probably be up in arms about it.  I don’t mean figuratively, either.

Uncanny how things are shaping up to look a lot like Ringo’s The Last Centurion.  All we need is the flu.

This is how liberty dies

Liberty Dies

With thundering applause, apparently.

Not that Crooked Hillary will be any better.

I’d ask, “God, what did we do to deserve such bottom-of-the-barrel candidates?”, but we all know what we did to deserve them.

Well, like the man said, “The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom.”  Maybe we need to get back to the roots that made this country great — God, guns, guts, and the Constitution.

Do I sound a little too John Birchy for your taste?  Too fucking bad.  Go read another blog if you want smarmy, toe-the-party-line faux conservatism.  The title of this blog should have been fair warning.

Plus, get the fuck off my lawn.

Unbinding delegates should be simple.

I was reading Kim Strassel’s column today in the WSJ (requires subscription), and something that’s been in the back of my mind for a long time popped back up.

Why are delegates from states with open primaries considered bound?

For instance, Indiana.  Yes, I know, by state law our primaries aren’t technically “open”, but anyone can lie about their party affiliation and vote, contra the law, in an opposing party’s primary.*

If Democrats can game the Republican primary (and, to be fair, vice versa) by violating the spirit, if not the letter, of the law,** how can the Indiana primary election be considered anything but advisory to the two parties?

In Virginia, it’s just been ruled that the parties can’t bind their delegates.  If that’s true in Virginia, I can’t see how it isn’t true in Indiana.

So why don’t we repeal IC 3-10-1-2, which requires that “Each political party whose nominee received at least ten percent (10%) of the votes cast in the state for secretary of state at the last election shall hold a primary election under this chapter to select nominees to be voted for at the general election”, and the rest of IC 3-10-1 that has to do with primary elections, and just go back to the smoke-filled room?  I still maintain, as I have long done, that historically we nominated better candidates and had better government that way.  And the best part was it didn’t cost the taxpayers a dime.


* IC 3-10-1-6.  See and scroll down.

** Which is unenforceable anyway, since ballots are secret and you don’t have to take a lie detector test to vote.

FML, Mike Pence.

I mean.  Just.  Fuck my life.

The only good thing about this is that the GOP might panic and try to get Mitch Daniels to run again…

But John Gregg, the Great Nobody, may as well start picking out curtains for the Governor’s Mansion.

It’s a coward’s move, Mike.  The polls look bad against an empty suit, and you’re scarpering.  Classy.

Spuck fammers.

I’ve had the same work email address for over 22 years.

This morning’s mailbag included 11 items of actual legitimate communication, and 67 items of spam/malware.  By the end of the day, there will be tens of good emails and hundreds of spam and malware emails.

The people who write SpamAssassin should be hanged for false advertising.  So should the people who write anti-virus software.

God, I wish I could retire.  It gets so old spending half my time tossing all this crap.

Taking $$$ out of politics is not the solution, but it would be a good start.

Was reading (via Instapundit) an article about Corruptocrat-Florida Rep. Corrine Brown, who claims that, because the FBI was expending resources investigating her, they are responsible for the Orlando massacre.  As if the FBI doesn’t have other resources and can’t investigate more than one thing at a time, even if they sometimes draw the wrong conclusions for political reasons.

It made me think, once again, of this snippet from Jack McDevitt’s 2006 book Odyssey:

Back in the old days, Dryden would simply have bought Taylor. Or tried to. There would have been big political contributions. But that sort of thing had gone out two centuries earlier. The country had been taken over briefly by a corporate autocracy and hopelessly corrupt politicians. Money bought access. But the Second American Revolution had happened, people started taking the Constitution seriously again, and the practice of renting and buying congressmen had been stopped by the simple expedient of getting money out of the campaigns. Contributions of all types became illegal. Campaigns were funded by the voters. You gave money to a politician, it constituted bribery, and you could go to jail.

The world had changed. Politicians had come dangerously close to developing integrity. But as MacAllister would have said, they were no more competent than ever.

Jack McDevitt, Odyssey, pp. 81-82

Ah, if only.  By the way, I have no doubt that McDevitt was thinking of the Republicans when he talked about a “corporate autocracy” and “hopelessly corrupt politicians” leading to a Second American Revolution and renewed respect for the Constitution, and one assumes without data that he voted for Obama twice.  Interesting that things seem to be turning out the other way.

(If McDevitt is, contrary to my speculations, a man of the right, I apologize.  But the terms “corporate autocracy” and “hopelessly corrupt politicians” being thrown around in the mid-aughts echoes pretty identically what the Democrats were saying about the Bush Administration and the Republican congress.)

Sometimes I wish my folks had raised us Christian.

Trump’s vigorous defense of anti-Semitic image a “turning point” for many Jews

Fuck me raw.

As a Jew born and raised, I say that politically, Jews are some of the most ridiculous people on the face of the earth.  They can always be trusted to act and vote against their own best political interests.

Naturally, there are exceptions to the general rule (Jonah Goldberg comes to mind).  Just not enough of them.

And fortunately, there are people out there vigorously denying the narrative.

PS:  Any motherfucker who calls me a self-hating Jew over this can kiss my fat white heinie.  The only self-hating Jews in this world are the ones who can’t see past the blinders they’ve put on their own damn heads.  I for one refuse to be a sheep led to the slaughter, bleating, “but I always supported the regime!”, when the knock comes at midnight.

Oh, and?  #NeverTrump.  But also #NeverDemocrats.

This is a horrible Friday, so…

…let’s have some music.

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