The teleprompter comes through for Trump.

Good speech by Trump last night (six words I never believed I would be stringing together).

He smacked down Obama (and by extension, Hillary) for ignoring Louisiana.

He really came down hard on Hillary’s lies and poor decisions (Benghazi, etc.).

He slams NAFTA.  I think it’s a mistake to do so, but it apparently jazzes folks on the right.  He’s also against TPP, and I agree with that.

He calls out soi-disant “sanctuary” cities, something that should have been done a long time ago.  I’m only sorry that he didn’t state clearly that such cities would lose every dollar of federal financing they currently get if they continue to defy the law on immigration.

And he really hammers the press; nothing new there, I just like seeing him do it.

He pleads with African-Americans to take their blinders off and see that the Democrats only take them for granted.

I think he’s starting to listen to his advisors.  In particular, I think this speech has Kellyanne Conway’s fingerprints all over it.  And that’s a good thing.

Laugh if you want, Libertarians, but this is the guy you ought to be backing.  The Libertarians’ gun-controller slate can’t match this and won’t win in any case.  I’ve already stated my position for my pivot; I’m still going to be holding my nose, but the stench is not quite as bad as it was.


Yesterday was the ex-girlfriend’s 60th birthday.  Too bad she wasn’t around for it.

I think I would have moped around all day and gotten little accomplished if I hadn’t been busy right out of the gate.  Worked half a day, then took off and went downtown for meetings at the large Gothic limestone building with the tall central tower just outside the Mile Square.  Those all went quite well, ending up with the usual monthly dinner meeting of the full board.

I had thought about visiting her grave, since it’s down on the near South side and not far from downtown at all, but since I couldn’t leave till noon and our lunch meeting started at 12:30, that didn’t happen.  I thought about that briefly and decided her birthday wasn’t really the right day to do that.  Her death occurred close enough to the big statewide meeting that I take off for in May that I can leave early on one of the afternoons and do that.

It’s odd that I’ve never actually gone through a mourning process for her.  She was the most important thing in my life for a long time before my wife came along.  In fact, I knew her for just about 15 years before I met my wife, and she died about 15 years after I got married.  Odd bookends for a relationship.

But even at her funeral, I wasn’t able to express any emotion.  It just wasn’t there.  She had been sick for so long, and stuck in a nursing home for so long — and had refused to talk to me for nearly two years anyway — that I think all I could do was accept that she was actually gone instead of just virtually gone.  (I believe to this day that she refused to talk to me because she didn’t want me to mourn.  She knew she was going to die, the only thing that hadn’t been determined was the date.)

For crying out loud, my cat died a week after her birthday last year, and I was broken up for days over that.  On the other hand, my cat died in my arms at the vet.  “Put to sleep” as they say.

OK, I’m back.  Sorry, I’m still a little choked up about that.

Anyway, I will always miss her, but I can’t mourn her.  Unless that’s what I’m doing and don’t realize it.  There’s no question that she had crap quality of life and going to sleep that night and not waking up was probably a lot better than the alternative.  Because of the way she went, and because she wouldn’t talk to me beforehand, she’ll always be alive in my heart.  That box we carried up the hill and put in a hole that we filled in?  She wasn’t there.  That was just a husk.  Her soul is beyond pain now, in that undiscover’d country from whose bourn no traveler returns.

Fly free, my love.  Fly free.

(I am supremely lucky to have an understanding wife, who was also her friend.)


She sang for you last night, she heard you were calling
Her name in tears a thousand times.
Your spirit was floating, your spirit was searching
On a cloud of dreams.

A moonbeam shines bright in the city of angels
Guiding the dreamers back to life,
And they’ll do the same every tomorrow
Till the pain subsides.

Don’t be scared now,
Close your eyes,
She holds guard tonight.
Go on forward,
No remorse,
Life will take its course.

She danced with you last night so you would remember
All you have shared, the lifetime.
The angels were watching and death will be waiting
Until the time is right.

Don’t be scared now,
Close your eyes,
She holds guard tonight.
Go on forward,
No remorse,
Life will take its course.

Hold on to memories,
See what lies ahead.
Life will go on and we are one
With every step you take.

“The Last Dance”, Within Temptation


I just wrote this and found it humorous.

“Do you have an internet terminal?”  Ariela all but threw herself off the bar stool and looked over at the desks.

Wolff and von Barronov broke out laughing.  “Here,” von Barronov offered, proffering a small holotablet.  “Just set it on the bar, touch the button, and ask it what you want to know.”

“Seriously?  Cool.”  Ariela reached out and touched the graphical button, fascinated.

“Ready,” the tablet said.

Ariela jerked her arm back, then composed herself.  “Um . . . information on the, um, antithanatic drug, please.”

The tablet made no reply, but threw its big holographic screen up above the bar.  A hierarchical file system containing a number of labeled virtual folders appeared.

“You can touch them, or simply tell the tablet to open them,” explained Wolff.

“Even cooler.  Is this, like, Wikipedia?”

Wolff frowned.  “Never utter that curséd name to a serious researcher.”

“Oh!”  Ariela looked at him, unsure of herself.  “I mean, no academic took it seriously in 2015, either.”

Wolff shook his head.  “You don’t know about the WikiScandal of 2036.”


“Trust him,” affirmed von Barronov.  “Threw an election.”


“In favor of the Libertarians,” said Wolff.  “Who then proceeded to try to abrogate the Constitution in the name of rational anarchy.  ‘Libertarian’ is another term you’ll want to avoid using, if you stick around here long enough.”

“What happened?”

“Every known, active Libertarian politician was hunted down and killed.  Only way to be sure.  And Wikipedia went offline.  To this day there are no serious crowd-sourced encyclopedias or dictionaries anywhere on the hypernet.  Everything like that is commercial, requires a subscription, and is rigorously vetted for scholarship.”

“Wow, you guys in the future are harsh.”

OK, that’s it for the Libertarians.

The Libertarian VP candidate spouted something last week that is just frankly beyond the pale.

Bill Weld Just Compared AR-15s to “Weapons of Mass Destruction,” & Said Pistols Were Even Worse!

“The five-shot rifle, that’s a standard military rifle; the problem is if you attach a clip to it so it can fire more shells and if you remove the pin so that it becomes an automatic weapon, and those are independent criminal offenses,” Weld said. “That is when they become, essentially, a weapon of mass destruction. The problem with handguns probably is even worse than the problem of the AR15.”

This is just mind-numbing asshattery.  First of all, it shows he knows absolutely zip about what an AR-15 actually is.  Secondly, it shows that he knows absolutely zip about guns.  (Clips?  Attaching clips?  Seriously?  That’s a dumbass mistake I made when I was a teenager and didn’t know any better.)  Thirdly, and as the article graphically pointed out, the phrase “weapon of mass destruction” has a very specific meaning — and this ain’t it.

Both Weld and Gary Johnson have made some highly-suspect comments about guns and gun control in this campaign season.  I more or less expect it out of Weld — after all, he was a RINO governor of a liberal east-coast state — but I’d expect better of the guy Libertarians have heading their ticket and think ought to be president.

I have espoused Trump hatred and flown the #NeverTrump flag on this blog for quite some time.  My choice for the GOP would have been Cruz.  But as Deroy Murdock points out at National Review, to remain solidly #NeverTrump in the face of our current electoral disaster is little more than a sure win guarantee for Hillary Clinton.

Sooner or later, conservatives are going to have to hold their noses YET AGAIN and vote for the lesser of two weevils.  I’m done with my dalliance with the Libertarians, even if Trump is a sure thing in Indiana — and with Evan Fuckass Bayh running for the Senate now that the hapless Baron Hill has dropped out, and the likelihood that the Moustache will be our next Governor now that Trump has co-opted Mike Pence, I really think Indiana is in play — and I don’t think we ought to hand it to Hillary on a silver platter.

Gotta go down fighting even if our general is an asshole.  Vote Trump, even if he’s an olfactory disaster.  You may regret it, but you’d regret a Hillary presidency even more.  If you are a conservative and you sit this election out because you get nauseous just thinking about the dregs we’ve dredged out of the bottom of the barrel politic to run this cycle, you’re a damn fool idiot and we can’t be friends.  (I can still understand someone voting Libertarian, but for the reasons I’ve pointed out above, I can’t respect you for it anymore.  That’s different from not voting at all, though.)

God, I hate millenials.

Always questioning authority experience.  Fuck them all.  I’ve dealt with two of them today already.

Note that I had originally typed “authority”, meaning it in the older sense of “I know what I’m talking about” as opposed to the modern sense of “Because I’m your boss/superior and I said so”, so I changed it to “experience” before I published because that’s what I mean.*  When you’ve been there and done that and got the T-shirt, upstarts coming at you arguing that they know better than you, when in fact you DO know better than they do, don’t sit well.  I’m not looking for obsequious “What were things like when you were starting in this business, Grandfather?” BS, I’m just looking for some respect for the fact that maybe I’ve been around longer that they have and my opinions on the subject at hand may have merit.

Bottom line, I’m not ready to set 25 years of Alpha Leader experience aside for some kid who didn’t even know what our product was three months ago when we hired him.  Fuck that noise.  I’ll do that when I retire, not before.  Note that I’m also not arguing that none of the young kid’s arguments ever have any chance of being meritorious, because sometimes they do — but in the two cases I’ve run up against so far today, they did not.

The world is going to hell in a handcart, and look who is going to be running it after I retire.  Jesus wept.


* FWIW, I have never had much respect for people who came off all “YOU WILL RESPEK MY AUTHORITAH!”, and I don’t intend to be one of them myself.

The Internet is forever

Yesterday, a fucking idiot claiming to be a journalist posted this on Twitter:

David Shuster Irony

He has since deleted it, because he was getting clobbered by people who know better.  This will stay here as a reminder of his idiocy.


When 7PM CDT rolls around tonight, the first Cubs night game at Wrigley will have been half my lifetime ago.*

Now that’s scary 🙂



* Well, roughly; I was actually 28 the previous November.

So completely unimpressed

I wish Gary Johnson would shut the hell up.

Every time he opens his mouth, I consider voting for Trump, just out of spite.

SMOD ’16.  Please deliver us from these idiots.

I shudder to think

but I suspect my Dad would be a Trump supporter.  Oh, not a vocal one, he’d never say so and he’d never hint around about it.  But I can just hear him saying something like, “That Trump guy is quite a character, couldn’t imagine him as president, but he sure did stick it to Hillary over those emails.”

And he’d say it deadpan…but with a twinkle in his eye.

Man, I miss him.

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