Review: Domestic na Kanojo (manga series)

What can I say about Domestic na Kanojo「ドメスティックな彼女」that hasn’t been said before?  Hmm.

It is likely no great spoiler to manga readers that Domestic na Kanojo (English: Domestic Girlfriend) recounts the story of a high school boy, his teacher, and her high school-aged sister, as they traverse life through a number of years and myriad situations.  But it’s far more than the story of forbidden love it’s thought to be by more than a few people.  It’s a story about coming of age.  It’s very nearly a tutorial by a master of the genre on how to become a writer – not the simple mechanics of writing, but the mindset that makes the true author, and how one goes about acquiring it.  It is complicated, deep, and rich, with subsidiary but important story lines woven in and out of the major story lines following the three main characters.  It is at times happy; it is at other times, perhaps the saddest story you will ever read.  More than anything else, it is a story of love – love so deeply felt that you come to love the characters as they win through hesitation and uncertainty to pure love and true romance.  So you’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll cheer for the characters as they fumble through life and meet the people and experience the situations who mold them into their final forms.

Plus, the art is magnificent.

This being said:  I would urge Kodansha to complete the digital series they’ve put up on Amazon with the (currently four) missing issues.  (5, 6, 16, and 27 at this writing.)  I would love to have the full set.  While it’s true you can find the missing issues if you poke around the Internet, that’s not the same.

There is also a 12-episode anime that runs through about the first half of issue 8 of the manga (available on Crunchyroll), but I don’t think it tells as rich of a story as the manga (and frankly I don’t know how it could).  Still, the anime is not that bad.  Just ignore the comments, as with anything on the Internet these days; the otaku who post there are mostly idiots, fools, and jerks.  Probably virgins, too.