Look, let’s make this really crystal clear.

Yes, Greenwood Park Mall was posted No Guns. Small problem with that:

No Guns signs do not have the force of law in Indiana.

Simon Malls counts on people to follow their “code of conduct” which states “No Weapons” — but has no way to enforce such a ban unless someone who is legally carrying concealed happens to do something that indicates they have a gun. (Or a knife; or any other “weapon”.) At which point Simon Malls’ only recourse is to demand said person leave the mall, and they can file charges of trespassing if said person refuses.

What the mall and the merchants don’t know about, they can’t ban, not even with a stupid and meaningless sign. The whole thing is ridiculous anyway, just like any Gun Free Zone is really a Criminal Attractive Nuisance.

The bottom line is the GGWAG was LEGALLY carrying while he shopped and ate at GPM, same as I was a month ago when I went down there to get a pair of glasses made and have lunch at Friday’s.

So if the shitlibs could get off their “BUT THE MALL WAS POSTED NO GUNS AAAAAAAAAAAaAAAAA!” soapbox, it would be nice.

And yes…dude is a fucking hero. And a hell of a shot. I’d buy him a beer any time.