The governor is wrong (as usual)

I don’t read Abdul’s blog very often, because he tends to post a teaser and then a video I don’t have the time or patience to watch, instead of actually doing journalism and posting a real article.

However, I clicked on his blog today and lo and behold, I find our very own Dog-Daddy Gov is suing the state Attorney General over whether or not he can prevent state legislators from convening a special session during a declared emergency, and whether or not he can sue lawmakers when they are in session. Holcomb, the RINO prick, naturally says yes to both; Rokita, the sometime RINO prick, says, nope to both.

My own feeling (and I was just thinking this yesterday) is the legislature needs to get on its horse and find a way to meet virtually. If that requires an amendment to the state constitution, all well and good. But the legislature (IMHO) cannot be prevented from convening at any time by the governor, because of separation of powers. And I think legislative immunity probably is good enough to cover whether or not the Gov can sue legislators while in session.

In this particular case, Abdul actually wrote more than his usual single-sentence blurb before urging one to watch the whole thing (which of course is paid for by his sponsor). It might or might not be edifying; I don’t care, because I think Holcomb is full of shit on his best days, and I think the judge should listen to Rokita on this one.