Odds are, “trans” means “odd”

Interesting commentary on the whole “trans” “epidemic” that got bounced from Medium.  Well, fuck that, let’s Streisand Effect it.


You’re Not Trans. You’re Just Weird.

Hmm. Skipping down in the article, I see:

But then, in middle school, things started to change. By 7th grade, school finally started to require some effort, and it turned out you were pretty disorganized. People kept calling you smart, but the teachers were annoyed at your humor, and frustrated that you wouldn’t or couldn’t follow the guidelines for assignments. Classmates didn’t appreciate your frank (if accurate) descriptions of their efforts. I’ll admit, we got pretty frustrated with you, too.

☑ I’m in this picture and I don’t like it.

Naw, kidding. It just was what it was.

But somehow I never for a moment wanted to be anything but a hetero male. Not because society frowned on it. Because I knew it was stupid and wrong for me to be any other way.

What the author is really trying to describe is what Sarah Hoyt calls an “Odd”. Which is what I’ve been for as long as I can remember. And what the kid being described in the article is, too.

Injecting hormones and destroying the child’s body isn’t how you deal with that. Thankfully, the author is on top of that, too.