This is the way.

Been saying a lot of this for years, not just since November 3.

The Founders Outsmarted the Presidential Election Fraudsters

You might want to go and read it.  Especially if you are a stupid Democrat who thinks we live in a democracy.  (Hint:  We don’t.  And we never did.)

Bottom line:  The president is the representative of the states, and is elected by them.  (The author says he is the representative of the state legislators, and is elected by their choices of electors, which is more correct.)  And the legislators of the states, even when state law dictates otherwise, are not necessarily bound to heed the people’s choice — particularly when the people’s choice is in such a snarl as it currently is in six states, thanks to DNC chicanery.

Stick to your fucking guns, conservatives and libertarians.  By the Constitution, this has to be over by December 14, and it will be, one way or another.