Hoosierboy makes good points

Havya noticed?

(BTW, thanks to Jim Unger for posting a link to HB’s latest on MeWe — I hadn’t gotten that far in my blog reading this morning.)

But I’ve sorta given up on COVID. Either we have to helicopter all the morons who keep pushing masks and lockdowns (including our beloved asshole governor Eric Holcomb, the fucking shithead), or we have to live with it the rest of our lives. There doesn’t seem to be a middle ground.

In my nearly 61 years on this hunk of dirt, I have never seen such a crazy rush to serfdom as I have over this virus. There are things you can do to avoid it, and there are working therapies if you contract it. Just like the flu. Or a cold, which it seems to resemble more than anything else.  But masks don’t work because they aren’t capable of filtering the SARS-CoV-2 virions out of the air you breathe.  The virions are just.  Too.  Small.

Plus, people don’t wear them correctly, they don’t change them as often as they should, and did I mention the SARS-CoV-2 virions are too small to be caught by them anyway?  Especially the cloth masks, which provide exactly ZERO protection.

There are plenty of studies indicating that the only reason to wear a mask is if you are actually sick.  Healthy people should not be wearing masks.  You can ask the CDC or the WHO, they both have said so and it’s on their websites.  Ask Mike Williamson, he’s spent months pointing this out.  He can’t wear a mask because he has lung issues stemming from his military service.  His wife can’t wear a mask because, well, not my story to tell; suffice to say it’s a PTSD issue.  And not only can’t they, they flatly refuse to do so.

When I wear a mask, within 10 to 15 minutes I’m gasping, and coughing up crud from deep in my lungs because of the trapped moisture.  (You should hear me in the mornings after I’ve worn my CPAP mask all night — and I have to wear that, because obstructive sleep apnea could literally kill me in my sleep.  It’s not just about the snoring, folks.)

But there are simple things you can do that, if everyone did them, would probably reduce the incidence of WuFlu infections to next to nothing — and they don’t involve wearing masks or sitting around in your house with the doors and windows tightly shut, scared shitless that you might catch the virus.  Guess what…it’s probably in your house, on some surface, or floating through the air.  Can’t be helped if you have to go out — it’s gonna come back with you if you went anywhere a sick person has been.  But it’s probably not there in sufficient numbers to infect you, unless you came home already sick from it.

So number one:  If you’re sick, STAY HOME.  Even if you have the goddamn sniffles or a little cough you can’t chalk up to seasonal allergies or some other problem (like maybe you already have asthma or emphysema or something along those lines).  And if your kids are sick, and they’ve been going to actual, physical school, KEEP THEM HOME.  Ask any teacher how colds and flu get started among their students.  Somebody let some snot-nosed kid with a cold go to school one day, and all the other kids caught it.  (How a lot of us got chickenpox, too, back in the day before there was a vaccine.)

If you’re vitamin D deficient, start taking a supplement, or get out in the sun more. Take a multivitamin, too (they have zinc, usually somewhat in excess of the minimum daily requirement). Exercise. Get excess weight off. Get healthy instead of being a couch potato. (I’m one to talk, I need to do that myself. But at least I recognize the need for it.)

And understand that none of the good news (like masks don’t work, the mortality rate is turning out to be more or less like the flu, or the fact that the tests are too sensitive and causing tons of false positives) is being pushed by the powers that be — because they want you in masks, and they want you in fear of a virus from which most people are never even going to get sick, and they want you to be nice little compliant peasants over which they can rule.

They’re a bunch of sick fucks and they all need to be, hmm, what did we say on MeWe.  Ah, yes.  Crucified, impaled, and dangled from helicopters at altitude before they’re cut loose to drop to the ground.