They don’t really want to win.

Hey…wuz happenin’…it’s me.  Been busy.

But I just had a thought, as I was reading the latest polling news (not that I have any faith in the polls, but it’s amusing to see what they think, because it’s likely bullshit) and thought about a couple of things:

  • The singular inaptness and tone-deafness being demonstrated by the Biden-Harris campaign, which is spending more time reacting to current events than anything else, proving among other things that Trump is well inside their OODA loop and almost daily managing to knock them back on their heels.
  • Something I just read suggesting Trump is winning a lot of hearts and minds in Miami-Dade County in Florida, with an interesting aside of “[d]ozens of field organizers for the Biden campaign recently accused the campaign of “suppressing the Hispanic vote.”
  • Biden’s clearly-reactive visits to Pittsburgh and Kenosha in the wake of the Kenosha riots and the Kyle Rittenhouse takedown of three career criminals (2 dead, one wounded badly enough he’ll probably never be able to stroke off with his right hand again).
  • The continuing blue-city riots starting to cause alarm in the Democrat camp because they’re having the opposite effect of what the Democrats hoped — the average Joe and Jane are starting to get really hot under the collar about seeing their towns and cities pillaged and raped by what they correctly identify as left-wing agitators who are being bused around the country to stage said pillaging and raping.  Among those who are breaking ranks with the Democrats are the very people this summer of rioting was supposed to be about — African-Americans, who are evincing quite a lot of support for Donald Trump, these days.
  • And finally, the WuFlu and the concomitant state-level tyranny that’s been going on for the past six months (when we were told “two weeks to flatten the curve”).  I’ll tell you what people are starting to want to flatten — their governors and mayors and other political jerkoffs who’ve turned into little tinpot dictators, ordering arbitrary lockdowns and masking and suchlike without bothering to look at the actual science involved.  My (ostensibly-Republican) governor is one of them, and he’s lucky he hasn’t been dragged out of the governor’s mansion down there at 46th and Meridian and hanged from the nearest lamppost.  I know people who would not be sad to see that happen — including myself.

The smartest thing Donald Trump ever did was let the states handle their own response to the WuFlu.  Oh, yeah, he’s got a couple of ancient Democrat government functionaries from the NIH and CDC going on TV trying to tell us we’re doomed if we don’t lock down and wear masks and stay away from other people — and don’t go to church, or the movies, or to restaurants — and who have absolutely scared my wife and her elderly parents nearly to death.  (My mother, on the other hand, is pissed off that she can’t go anywhere and do anything, which I have to admit is probably a good thing since she’s 92.)  But the bottom line is that any major fuckups along the line have really been on the state and local authorities.  And the press and the Democrats in general, for things like all the screeching about hydroxychloroquine just because Trump said it might be worth trying at a point where the reports about its successful use in Italy (along with zinc and azithromycin) was like a ray of bright sunshine on a dark cloudy day.

They keep throwing mud at Trump and it keeps dripping right off.  He’s not a “Teflon President” like Reagan was, but my gawd is he a fighter.  And he fights for us.  Yeah, he’s not perfect.  He’s done plenty of dumb stuff, but shucks, folks, the Obama regime was nothing but an eight-year-long clusterfuck aimed at turning us into a socialist “paradise,” and all Hillary! promised was more of the same.  Trump decided that could not stand, and lucky for us he managed to win enough votes to take the Electoral College.  Hillary is probably still drinking heavily as she thinks, “All I had to do was campaign more at all in Wisconsin.”

Biden, on the other hand, can’t even keep a coherent thought in his head long enough to be another Hillary.  This of course is why Harris is his VP candidate — but if you think for one moment she’ll be running things in a Biden administration, you’re wrong.  That person will be Dr. Jill Biden, who will be playing Edith Wilson to her husband’s Woodrow Wilson.  And we don’t need a reprise of that shit a hundred years later.

But I think — as I stated in my title line — they really don’t want to win, and that’s what all this ruckus and hooroar is about.  They are more interested in starting the civil war they profess not to want, and overthrowing the current order by force because they know they can’t get away with much more socialism before the silent majority finally rises up and throws them out of office.  Since they can’t afford to lose too many more elections, and since they don’t have any viable, younger candidates (as I think was proven in the primaries), they’re doing everything they can to prepare the battlespace for a continuation, and probably an escalation, of the rioting, looting, and general busting-up of the current order we’re already seeing after a Trump victory in November.

And oh, yes, if it’s close, or even if it isn’t, they’ll tie the thing up in the courts and try to get the election thrown to the House of Representatives — which seems like a mistake, because each state gets only one vote, and the states with GOP majority representation outnumber those with Dem majority representation.  But again, the intent is not to win, it’s to create as much confusion and agitation as possible in the mistaken idea that the country can be split and Balkanized, and the blame can all be shoveled onto Trump and (by extension) the GOP and conservatives.

Things are going to get fucked up — more than they already are — I fear.  As Sarah Hoyt says, though, “Be not afraid.”  Divine Providence has gotten us this far, maybe it will get us a little farther.

We’ll see how it falls out on November 4.