The jig is up, the news is out, they finally are going to have to admit it.

Blogger who has done a shitton of research says the pandemic will be over in the United States by next Tuesday, and it was already over in Europe AND in the northern US states when he wrote this post back at the end of July.

(Via Instapundit, of course.)

We still haven’t hit 3,000 deaths in Indiana, and the death rate has cratered.

When you read the article, note how much that curve looks like the examples provided.

Time to open back up.  Time to make politicians and public health officials account for their actions.  Because this was going to happen no matter what.  We knew that because we knew how other viral infections behave, and the fact is that hiding from one another did absolutely nothing to speed up the herd immunity that was all we needed to turn WuFlu into a nothingburger not all that different from a bad seasonal flu.

Yes, a small number of people are still going to get sick with WuFlu (people get sick all the time from the flu and the common cold, too, but we don’t call them “pandemic” until the rates get high), and yes, a small fraction of that number are going to die.  That’s also covered in the blog post.  When the WuFlu death rate gets lost in the average death rate, the pandemic is over — and the blogger (who cites Indiana data, among other states, by the way) says it’s already over in the US Northern states.  It will be blown out by August 25 in the rest, and may in fact already be done.

Governor Holcomb, Mayor Hogsett, it’s time to tear down your unconstitutional and unlawful edicts.  The legislature, the City-County Council, and the PEOPLE need to call you to account.

LET MY PEOPLE GO (out to eat)!