The hits just keep comin’

And the in-kind donations to Trump 2020, as well as the pre-written scripts for Trump’s campaign ads, keep pouring in.

Chicago rioters attack Ronald McDonald House with more than 30 families and sick children inside

I know a lot of Democrats, and I find it hard to believe that any of them support this sort of lawless, barbaric behavior.  These continuing riots and attacks, along with the targeted, organized looting and BLM asserting that the looting constitutes “reparations”, have got to have a lot of people on the left giving their party a long, appraising look.

Any Democrat who thinks voting for Slow Joe and Da Ho is going to bring an end to the trashing and looting of their downtowns has got another think coming.  Because either way the wind blows on November 3, the trashing and looting is going to continue, and probably spread to the suburbs, until someone puts a stop to it — because there are too many people out there who like trashing and looting, and also like getting paid to do it by the Soros organization.

And people — well, mostly the media — wonder why guns and ammo are flying off the shelves.

We have one good chance left to save the Republic.  That chance depends on moderate Democrats being so disgusted by what their party has wrought that they either stay home or vote Trump on November 3.  Slow Joe and Da Ho aren’t going to solve this problem, folks.  But Trump and Pence can — if they’re given another four years.

Otherwise, well, there’s always the Big Igloo to look forward to.