Mark Twain’s frog

Wrote this elsewhere, but felt it was too good not to put on the blog:

I keep coming back around to the idea that the left believes a revolution can be accomplished incrementally, like turning the volume up slowly until you’re at full concert volume, whereas the right responds to such provocation by silently dealing with it until something snaps, the switch flips, and the shooting starts.

Stated another way: The left has the roles of Mark Twain’s frog and the pot of water on the stove reversed. They think Twain was correct and the right way to boil a live frog is to start with cold water and turn the heat up incrementally, until eventually you have frog soup.

They’re wrong. The right is the pot of water, the left is the frog, and the heat is just about to reach a rolling boil. And the left is going to get a big surprise when they find themselves tossed into the pot.

They’ll squeal just like a lobster when it happens, too.