They shoot looters, don’t they?

Apparently not anymore.  Apparently we’re just as welcoming of looters as we are homeless and other vagrants on our streets.  So instead of shooting a few looters pour encourager les autres and beating the hell out of the rest, we got to sit on our asses at home last night in yet another form of lockdown — the curfew.  (And we’ll get to do it again tonight, apparently.)

This needs to stop, and it needs to stop now.  But Indianapolis is becoming another Detroit as we watch — not a surprise given the abandonment of the city to the Democrats.

None of this crap brings George back to life, you know.  And it won’t stop the cops next time they run up against a “George”.

The America my father and his brothers fought to defend is gone.  What is left is merely the twitching carcass.  May it rest in peace.