OpenTable should add reservations for 8PM rioting.

The crazed Left weren’t able to topple Trump with WuFlu, aka the Chinese Plague, so all this news about the lockdowns/stay-at-home orders being ineffective and too late in most cases, and actual medical people saying wearing a mask outside of a medical facility “offers [you] little, if any, protection from infection”, is suddenly coming to light.

See many links at Legal Insurrection, courtesy Instapundit.  And if you don’t like that Sarah Hoyt posted it because “Sarah Hoyt has a political agenda”, then you can kindly fuck off and never darken my door again.

“Never mind. We’ll get the Orange Man another way, my pretties! Everybody downtown for the staged Antifa riots tonight!”

Oops. Might want to reconsider making that 8PM appointment for rioting and dancing.

Last word: