A simple response, geared to his level of intellect

Fuck you, Mr. Obama.  Fuck you right up the ass, sideways.

Obama rips Fox News viewers: “You are living on a different planet.”

No, sir, we are living on the same planet we’ve always lived on.  You, however, are and always have been living in Marxistland – a land of pie in the sky and big rock candy mountains.  All that weed you smoked has damaged your brain.  In eight years, you proved yourself the most incompetent man to ever hold the Presidency — and that took some doing.  It’s hard to look busy when you’re doing absolutely nothing.

For what it’s worth, I haven’t watched Fox News for years, since they started losing their right-leaning edge around the middle of 43’s second term.  It sure would be nice if someone out there would start an honest news channel that really lived up to the “we report, you decide” philosophy.

But, like I told my wife last night when we saw the ad for Letterman’s new show, “Well, there’s two reasons not to watch it — Letterman, and Obama.”