Goddamn “conservatives”

You fuckers are as bad as the girlfriend I had for five minutes in college.  Silly little shit would flit from man to man like a moth to a flame.  She’d take on a chameleon-like interest in everything he did, including his major AND his religion.

Cruz is the only legitimate heir to Reagan in this race.*

Yet you fuckers go whoring after Trump.  Then Carson.  Then Rubio.  Then Christie, for fuck’s sake — why?  Other than beating up on teachers, he’s as liberal as Trump.  Then back to Rubio.  But always chasing after the bad boy — who ISN’T Cruz and ISN’T a Reagan Republican.

I swear to God, if Cruz isn’t the nominee, I’m voting Libertarian.  I’m done with the fucking GOPe and all the people who listen to its gospel.


* Is he “the next Reagan”?  No.  Nobody will ever be the next Reagan.  Reagan was Reagan.  The best anyone trying to emulate him can do is to follow in his footsteps and at least ACT like a conservative.  Cruz is at least Reaganesque.  The rest of them?  Bah.