This is the day that the LORD hath made; let us rejoice, and be glad in it.

Today is the day.  Tiggr has seen his last sunrise and is resting comfortably on the bed.  We’ll take him about 5PM and let him cross the Bridge.  In a few weeks, he’ll join Snoopy under the lilacs, but they’ll already be together in that undiscovered country where all of our furry friends await us.*

Born May 31, 2000.  Been part of our lives since before we were married.  Monster Cat of 27 Lives.

They really become part of you, these furry little critters.  My family has been keeping cats for half a century and it never seems to get easier to say goodbye.

But with the Psalmist, I do rejoice, and am glad, because he will no longer be suffering.


* Or at least, they’d better be. If they’re not there, I ain’t going.

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