Monday; and a new kitten.

Monday is likely The Day.  🙁

We had to take Tiggr a day early for fluids, because he was not eating again, just sitting and looking at his food.  In addition, last night he was unable to jump up on the bed, which has long been my index for “Cat is having trouble being a cat.”  He’s lost another ounce and just wants to cuddle up against warm things (the UPS that runs my radio, for one) or under a blanket.  And he’s incontinent for at least a day after he gets fluids.

I did not want to take him today for the trip across the Bridge.  I’d rather get him fluids and let him have at least one or two more days feeling a little better.  If he doesn’t improve overnight (it usually takes about 12-24 hours for the fluids to work) then we may take him tomorrow, but I think (hope) he will last till Monday.

And I was also hoping for a bit of overlap, because we are bringing home a kitten tomorrow.  He sort of fell into our laps during the last couple of weeks when we were taking Tiggr in; the vet had three black male kittens for adoption, and the wife has wanted a black kitten for years (she was looking for a black one when Snoopy, the white-with-peanut-butter Turkish Van, chose her), and the timing was sort of reasonable.  Normally I’d prefer to wait a while and look around, but when it’s clear that this little kitten is the one, you just go with the flow.  And, truth known, Frankie is going to need a new playmate.  He’s already freaking out that Tiggr is not interested in playing with him anymore.

It looks like he’s going to have a flash of white on his chest…so we’re going to call him “Tux.”  Short for “Tennessee Tuxedo”.

2015-07-31 12.51.22

I do want to add that by no means is Tux a “replacement” for Tiggr.  There is no “replacing” any animal that has been part of one’s family.  No, Tiggr the Cat of 27 Lives will live on in our hearts, and he’ll be buried under one of the two lilacs in the back yard, close to His Majesty Snoopy I, who is buried under the other one.  And when the time comes, he’ll go to sleep, peacefully, on my chest, right where he went to sleep the first night we met him.

And I’ll be bawling like a little baby.  Just like I am right now.