So after a week of not looking at my work email, I have 954 unread emails on one account and 162 unread emails on another account.  Outlook has managed to dump 93 others in the junk folder. 102 of 954 were uncaught spam.  88 were system notifications from our network and another 85 were outage notifications that got sent when our uptime monitor couldn’t contact one or more of our machines.  15 were requests for our licensing team to cut licenses. 516 were support conversations.

Then there was a bunch of spam on the support engineers’ shared address.  Though not as much as we used to get; I’ve managed to pare down a lot of that by tuning our spam handling system over the last few months.  A ton of it is in French or Spanish, the latter mostly coming from hosts in Argentina — as if we’re going to buy computer equipment for use in the US from someone in Argentina — and lately there has been a lot of crap that presumes we are Singaporeans.  Or that we need to buy steel from China.  And frankly, no, je ne veux pas venir essayer le nouveau Grand CherokeeVa te faire foutre, cochons!