Generally speaking

by 1PM or so I might be upgraded to a General Class Amateur Radio licensee.

Wish me luck.  I am fairly consistently scoring in the low 30s on practice tests, and I only have to answer 26 correctly out of 35 for the upgrade.

And if I pass and they say “Do you want to try the Extra test?” I’m going to say “Not today, thank you.”  I’ve been looking at that book, and my tiny bit of electronics knowledge isn’t anywhere near sufficient.  Not to mention my crap math skillz, which I’ve barely used since high school.

Well, more later.

LATER:  Passed it.  And took the Extra test, against my own better judgement, but what else did I have to do today?  Did not pass the Extra test.  Didn’t even ask for my score; I know I guessed on at least half of the questions 🙂