Outgoing FCC chair calls for new ad-hoc emergency network in Boston

Via people’s wi-fi routers and broadband connections, which allegedly stay up when phones go out.  Yeah, about that:  My wireline phone connection is a lot more robust than my broadband connection, even given that I have a UPS on my cable modem and router.  The broadband flaps all the time.  The phone, not so much.

Oh, but wait.  I have a WIRELINE phone in addition to my cell phone, so this problem doesn’t actually affect me as long as I’m at home.  And unless someone cuts the wire, I don’t think our wireline has been out of service in 50 years.  Even in 1984-ish when we had the ice storm and the tree fell on the wire out back and we had no power for four days except for the little generator out back that was keeping our furnace going, we still had telephone service.  (And natural gas, too.)

Gee, here’s a thought.  Why do we need a whole new non-robust network for this?  Why not just use the existing, in-place network of Amateur Radio operators?  Ever heard of ARES, Mr. Genachowski?  Or RACES?  They’re designed for this kind of thing.

I tell ya.  These government types just want to spend more and more of our money on redundant shit.  They can’t see the forest for the trees.