The press will stop at nothing.

Makes me wonder where they get their hair done.
Frankly I don’t care about the admission that they didn’t realize it was Bristol doing up Sarah’s hair. The implication of “has her hair done” is akin to “sat in the salon while Haiti festered” or something along those lines. It’s clear from the picture that all that was going on was that someone (as it turns out, Bristol) was helping Sarah pin her hair up. Any snide implication was strictly on the part of the AwtP. You’d think she was John Edwards or Bill Clinton and their expensive, annoying haircuts. I’ll bet John Edwards and Bill Clinton would never let Bristol do up their hair. (Maybe they should try it. Not that I’d let Bristol anywhere near Bill, if I were her daddy.)
They are simply deranged when it comes to Sarah Palin. It’s as simple as that. If the press were a little boy, I’d swear it was thowing rocks at her to get her attention because it was sweet on her.

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  1. What we need is Sarah’s older brother to come out and whang the rocks right back at them. Unfortunately, that role of Sarah’s older brother is currently played by Michael *cussword* Steele.

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