Here is why we don’t want Big Brother government.

It’s too cheesy.

The European Court of Justice ruled Tuesday that only the tasty, crumbly cheese that has been made for some 800 years near the Italian city of Parma can legally be called Parmesan.
In a case dating back to 2003, the court criticized Germany for allowing sales of imitation Parmesan in violation of European Union food origin rules that reserve the name Parmesan for Italian cheese only.
The case was brought by the European Commission. There was no punishment for Germany, but German producers will now have to change the name of their cheese.
Over the years, the EU has become more active in legally protecting dozens of brand names of foods and drink peculiar to European regions — from Champagne to feta cheese.
In 2005, in a setback for Danish producers, the EU high court said feta can only come from Greece, and imitations cannot use that name.
Germany argued in court that Parmesan was a generic term for a type of hard, crumbly cheese that is often grated over food and cannot claim an Italian uniqueness.
The court disagreed, saying Parmesan was “clearly a translation of ‘Parmigiano Reggiano.'”
It added Germany had provided some “quotations from dictionaries and specialist literature” about Parmesan but these shed no light on how “the word Parmesan is perceived by consumers.”

Er…as crumbly, stinky cheese that you put on Italian-style food? (Or, as a friend of mine once put it, “Please pass me the ground-up sweat socks.”)
This is the kind of stupid shit that makes Americans laugh at Europe…if they even think about Europe at all.
Unfortunately, there seems to be a fairly large contingent of Americans that would like us to be just like Europeans…at least in the health insurance department. And that is frightening.
(Via The Corner.)