Anderson school uniform couple apparently smoking crack

Remember these morons?

ANDERSON, Ind. — A woman who sued the Anderson school district over its new dress code is ineligible to run for a seat on the school board because she registered to vote too late, the county election director said.
Laura Bell did not register to vote in Madison County in time for her registration to be active, elections director Mary Retherford said Monday.
Retherford said it usually takes seven days for a voter who has registered to be removed from “pending” status, at which time the registration becomes active.
Laura Bell and her husband, Scott Bell, filed as candidates Friday in the May election. Laura Bell registered to vote that same day.

Wow! A real social activist! Not even registered to vote throughout all of this? You’d think she woul have registered months ago just to vote against the incumbent school board.

The couple represented themselves in court in a federal lawsuit claiming the district’s uniform policy violated state guarantees of a free education and students’ right to free expression. A federal judge dismissed the suit in August and in December ordered the Bells to pay nearly $41,000 in legal costs.

Yep. And I’ll bet they haven’t paid one thin dime of that. Yet they seem to have the money to pay filing fees. And either they planned on a word-of-mouth whispering campaign or they figured yard signs and literature and TV ads grow on trees.

The Bells have four children in the school system.

And sadly enough, they still have custody of them.

What ought to happen here is the judge should rule that any filing fees paid to the election board must be paid over to the court, and that Scott Bell’s candidacy is null and void until he pays the judgement against him.


Note: Link to original article at IndyStar broken as of 20191014.  Figures, right?