Fairly stupid.

The judge in the Richard Reid shoe-bombing case threw out one of the nine charges. The charge thrown out was “attempting to wreck a mass transportation vehicle”. The judge said that an airplane does not meet the Congressional definition of “vehicle”. OK, but the judge does not meet my definition of “intelligent”, either. What is an airplane if not a “mass transportation vehicle”?
Got this from the Fox News scroll a few minutes ago.
Update: Apparently Congress made another mistake in the USA Patriot legislation. This is from the Fox News story online:

The charge — attempting to wreck a mass transportation vehicle — was filed under the USA Patriot Act, which was passed by Congress after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. U.S. District Judge William Young said that although an airplane was engaged in mass transportation it is not a vehicle as defined by the new law.

I still don’t see how a judge can’t interpret the law to include an airplane as a “mass transportation vehicle”. This guy must be a Clinton appointee.

Blogger is acting strangely:

I make changes to the template, I upload them, Blogger says uploaded successfully…and nothing changes! Something must be wrong in Blogville. InstaPundit noted earlier that BlogSpot was down so maybe that has something to do with it…

I’d be a bit miffed too:

Indianapolis Star headline this morning: “IU dean upset over Hasbro’s goof on Pyle doll – Box with GI Joe figure of war correspondent says he graduated from Indiana State University.”
Now I didn’t go to school at the Big Campus in Bloomington, but I did major in History at the Similarly Large Campus in Indianapolis, and it does seem pretty stoopid that a big toy company’s research department couldn’t get something this simple correct. Indiana State University is smaller than Indiana University, boasts Larry Bird as its big contribution to professional sports (Bird quit IU because he thought Bobby Knight was too hard to play for), and is in the town of Terrible Huts…er, that is, Terre Haute.