Note to Governor Dog Daddy: Time for a temporary remission of the state gas tax

In Indiana, well, in Indianapolis, anyway, gasoline seems to be running around $5.25/gallon.  Which has us in that same deep red as that deep blue over-taxed state, Illinois, and the People’s Republic of Commiefornia, too.

How can the People’s Republic of Maryland (for instance) have cheaper gas than Indiana?  Well, pull up a chair and I’ll explain the anatomy of that $5.25/gallon gasoline.

Of that, 32 cents (33 cents as of July 1) is the state gasoline tax.  Which is tacked on after the 7% sales tax (which the state calls a “use tax” just to be disingenuous), which means the real price of gasoline right now is around $4.60.

Then take another 18 cents off for the federal tax (over which the state has no control) and you get to $4.42/gallon.  Of course, there’s no help for that, since Brandon would never consider a federal gasoline tax holiday, but even at $4.60/gallon, Dog Daddy could be saving his constituents around 65 cents a gallon right now if he’d executive-order the state gasoline taxes to be waived for the duration of…say…the remainder of the Bidet Maladministration.

Of course, we all know Dog Daddy won’t do anything like that, because he obviously loves to see us Hoosiers suffer under his watch.

Fucking RINO.