No, Abdul, this is bullshit.

This is probably at least one reason why I don’t identify as a Republican. Because I don’t support pot legalization.

Yes, yes, I know, War on Drugs huge waste of time and treasure, blah blah blah. I myself think the administration of Narcan should be outlawed for the meth heads and other idiots who OD on things like fentanyl. Clearly people who do that kind of shit have a death wish, so grant it and let a Judge in a higher court deal with them. But, that has nothing to do with pot.

On the other hand, pot is as much of a cancer on society as anything else that clouds the mind. And no matter what the “experts” say, that shit will cause actual cancer, just like the cigarettes the same group of busies have been trying to outlaw for the past fifty years.

And you can also bet that if any government is eager to legalize any kind of recreational drug, it’s because they want the populace sedated and easy to manipulate.

On the gripping hand, I did read the article, and I looked at the internals they quoted, which do not match up with Abdul’s first-line assertion that “There’s a new poll out that shows a majority of Republicans in Indiana favor some form of legalization when it comes to marijuana.”  But see for yourself:

The results of the BK Strategies poll were pretty similar to one conducted by Indy Politics back in August. We surveyed more than 400 Marion County voters and found two-thirds of voters (65%) support the full legalization of recreational and medicinal use of marijuana, with an additional 20% supporting the legalization of marijuana strictly for medicinal use.

76% of Democrats, 62% of Independents, and 51% of Republicans support full legalization, with an additional 17% of Democrats and Independents, and 26% of Republicans supporting the legalization of marijuana for medicinal use.

The BK Strategies poll surveyed 600 likely general election voters with an additional oversample of 100 Republican voters and had a margin of error of +/-4.0 %. The Republican-specific date had a margin of error of +/-5.3%.”

You surveyed MARION COUNTY REPUBLICAN VOTERS? Shit, dawg — Marion County voters are more likely to vote RINO than true conservative, or not vote at all, which is at least part of how we got the Big Dem Moron In Charge on the 25th floor of the City-County Building. (A lousy GOP candidate offered up for sacrifice was another.) I’m hardly surprised MARION COUNTY REPUBLICAN VOTERS are in favor of pot legalization.

Why don’t you do a statewide poll and see what Indiana GOP voters think?