I’ve been reading far too many resumes, lately…

If you ever write a resume to submit to a potential employer, please for fuck’s sake don’t do it in 9pt. type in two columns. It might be getting looked at by a couple of guys in their late 50s-early 60s who can’t see worth a shit, even on a 27″ high-def monitor. And one of those guys is potentially your immediate boss, and the other one is the CEO.

Fancy formatted resumes do not impress me. What have you done, where did you do it, when did you do it. That’s what I want to know. And I damned well do not want to have to squint to find it out.

Also, so tired of seeing the same buzzwords and buzz phrases, I could puke. Try being original instead of using the same worn-out tropes. (In fairness, I think a lot of this particular failing can be chalked up to using resume writing software as opposed to writing your own resume from scratch, but I think I am a dinosaur in that regard.)

PS:  I realize this blog shows up to most people in small type.  There’s a zoom setting in your browser that can solve that problem.  I run this blog at 133% myself.  I have my view of other blogs set similarly if they run with a small font by default (Instapundit, for one).  I run MeWe at 120%, and I think when I still had a Farcebork account, I ran it at 150%.