It’s not treason when everyone is thinking it.

A MeWe friend points out this article by John Nolte, from yesterday:

The Disastrous Neocon Ideology Dies in Kabul

and he quotes this salient bit:

There’s no question that back in 2001, we needed to go into Afghanistan and take care of business. For it was there where the international terrorists who hit us on 9/11 were allowed to plot and scheme and find safe harbor. That threat had to be eradicated, and our victory against that threat occurred in just a couple of weeks. On October 7, 2001, Taliban rule collapsed. That’s when we should have left with a victory in hand, our heads held high, and the world warned not to fuck with us.


The problem is, as a people, we’re too damn soft-hearted for our own good. We want to uplift the downtrodden and make them (unfortunately, one-dimensional) images of ourselves. We can’t stop ourselves from playing G-d.  But we don’t do it very well, unfortunately.  Probably why it’s “playing” G-d as opposed to “being” G-d, but that’s a theological and philosophical question for another day.

And then there’s the government, which has its own nefarious reasons for overstaying our welcome.

And then there are Obama and Biden, the two most incompetent presidents of the 21st Century.

Mix it all up and you get the Second Fall of Saigon. And yes, we should have known better. Certainly our military establishment should have known better. I’ve seen it said every member of the military above the ranks of E8 and O6 should be defrocked and thrown out onto the street, for this and other reasons. And I’m not sure I disagree.

But I’m done listening to anything our “government” has to say on this or any other subject (hint: more WuFlu shots in your future (not mine; I won’t take that poison jab, sorry not sorry)). And I imagine I’m not the only one having those subversive, yet patriotic thoughts, this morning.

The powers that be should be afraid. They should be very afraid.

And that’s the way the relationship between citizens of a free republic and its government should be.  The question is, when do we finally decide to get our backs up and shrink the government down to a manageable size?

Sadly enough, your guess is as good as mine.