The logic has never made sense.

From The American Mind:

Many cities and counties no longer mandate businesses to require masks. Curfews have been lifted, capacity limits eased. But the mood has not been lifted or eased. Whether we say it or not, we know in our hearts that it could all come crashing back down upon our heads at any time. Like a perpetual threat, the principle of the thing remains.

The principle is this: for whatever reason, without warning and with only the most flimsy ghost of a rationale, people with power can make burdensome, demoralizing, and ruinous demands upon people without power.

(Props to Sheila Reese on MeWe for the pointer.)

Read the whole thing, it is worth it, but:

The logic of locking down past the initial two weeks* was always lost on me. As was (and still is) the logic that says a mask with holes larger than the virus will ever be able to stop the virus. Or that it makes sense to inject oneself with mRNA genetic “vaccines” that apparently don’t work very well and have other undesirable effects.

Moreover, whenever the government tells me these things are all for my own good and I should submit to them, I am that much more likely to tell the government to fuck off and die.

Once the virus was loose in the wild, it became something we will always have to live with — like the flu, and the common cold.  One could as well ask the wind to stop blowing or the sun to stop shining.

The good news is new “variants” seem to be mutating away from the deadly original strains and are causing little more than a bad cold in most people, whether vaccinated or not — which is typical behavior for coronaviruses.  And even with half the population still unvaccinated, we’re at what amounts to herd immunity — so-called “cases” rise and fall, but critically, hospitalizations and deaths are, for all intents and purposes, at practically zero.

I scare-quote “cases” in the above, because when you base a “case” on a positive PCR test with iterations > 35, you are likely getting junk and the test is likely a false positive.  But don’t ask me.  Ask the guy who invented the PCR test and got a Nobel Prize for it:

“The PCR, if you do it well, you can find almost anything in anybody. If you can amplify one single molecule up to something you can really measure, which is something you can do.…So that could be thought of as a misuse of it.”

Dr. Mullis, RIP, left us in 2019 before WuFlu was a problem, but one can only imagine what he would say about the way his test has been used by the medical community (led by Anthony Fauci, for whom he apparently cared little) to advance the lies and malicious actions of local, state, and federal government apparatchiks and health agencies.


* Which was intended to let hospitals get braced for the predicted avalanche of WuFlu hospitalizations — which in the event never actually happened — and not for any “quarantine for two weeks and the virus will be history” purpose.  This became obvious after the first extension, actionable after the second, and cause for revolution after the third.  Government functionaries should have been ignored after the first extension, and then shot or hanged if they tried to stop businesses from opening or people from going about their normal business.

Ah, well.  Hindsight is always 20/20.