It’s time, Mayor Hogsett.

Masks are useless, and so are lockdowns and low percentage occupancies.

Texas Has Fewer COVID Cases Than Michigan—Despite Nearly 20M More People and No Restrictions

Despite what [Al] Franken and many other critics predicted, Texas didn’t see an explosion in COVID cases. Instead, the Lone Star state saw cases reach a record low. Indeed, in the month since Franken mocked the announcement, daily cases in Texas fell from 6,834 to 2,078. That’s a 70 percent drop.

Meanwhile, Franken’s home state of Minnesota has experienced the opposite trajectory.

Open Indianapolis up.  Open it all the way up.  You’re only prolonging the pain and suffering.

But you’re a Democrat, so that figures; it’s what you do.

By the numbers, this “pandemic” hasn’t been any worse than an everyday seasonal flu.

So go fuck yourself and your worthless “but it’s for the people!” attitude.  You little bitch.  Only the city of Indianapolis would actually vote you into a position where you could fuck things up.  We were smart enough not to elect you governor, at least.

The people should rise up and run you out of town on a rail.  But by and large, the Indianapolis citizenry isn’t smart enough to understand how you’ve suckered them for the past year.

Fuck you, Mayor Hogsett.  Die in a fucking fire.  Along with the City-County Council.