Herd Immunity R Us

Here’s an op-ed in the WSJ (hopefully no paywall thanks to archive.is) in which a Johns Hopkins professor gives his opinion that we’ll have herd immunity by April.

Personally I think we’re already there, but I’ll accept April 1 as “Ally Ally In Free” Day.

As I said on MeWe, though:

The dirty little secret is that we probably had herd immunity last August or September. What’s being marked down as WuFlu now is probably just plain old flu or pneumonia, and in the “mild” cases, probably just the common cold and allergies from being cooped up indoors with all the indoor contaminants our sealed-up modern homes trap.

WHO has already quietly noted that the PCR tests with iterations over 35 are flawed. The person who invented PCR testing (and got a Nobel for it) is on record as stating PCR is not a diagnostic tool. Yet it’s being used that way, and most PCR testing is being done with 40 or more iterations. You’re not finding live virions that way, you’re finding bits and pieces of dead viral material and calling it a “case” to inflate the WuFlu numbers.

Stop allowing the government to lock you down. They can’t arrest everyone. Open the churches, open the theatres, open the schools, tell government to go lock itself down.

Tell them to take their masks and their social distancing and shove them.