Seems a little behind the times

Townhall has this up today:  Scientists Link This Superspreader Event in February to Around 300,000 COVID Cases

Yeah, it’s the Biogen conference in Boston.  It was already pretty well-known that the first case, if not the first and second cases, in Indiana were people who had attended that conference, with similar occurences in other states.  And that the medical community was already in disrepute for approving large AntiFa and BLM gatherings while disapproving yuge Trump rallies and church attendance.  (Frankly, the Sturgis non-superspreader should have put paid to that shite, but CCP Democrats gonna CCP Democrat.)

The bottom line is, this was known.  I mean, if I knew it — and I really don’t follow the major media, I just see things now and again that I decide to rant about — then a lot more people in a lot higher places than me knew it.

The medical community that’s screaming and yelling about lockdowns and vaccines and masks really needs to shut the fuck up.  We could have burned through this over the summer and been done with it.  In fact, there were knowlegeable people saying back in July and August, based on death curves that had flattened (or at least were within the same range as “deaths from other causes”), the pandemic was effectively over.

Yet here we are being locked down and forced to wear face panties again, because “cases are up”.

Gonna say it again, in big type for those who refuse to see:

Positive tests are not cases are not infections are not hospitalizations are not deaths.

The way the tests are being run in the labs, with CT counts > 35 still being read as positive, means there are shitloads of false positives being recorded as “cases”.  Ask Elon Musk about that.  Or just read this.

I saw also, last week, that there is a perfectly good saliva test that’s been approved for WuFlu.  Which cements me in the opinion that the swab up the nose was never actually a true requirement (because people were talking about the possibility of saliva tests clear back early on), and was meant more as a “make them afraid of the test so they will obey our lockdown and face-panty dictates and avoid getting the WuFlu that we intentionally spread all over the country” thing.  “We” of course being the Democrats in lockstep with their CCP handlers, but it’s not politic to say that these days.

Fuck ’em all.  It’s time to open up and enjoy the holiday season.  And continue to figure ways to overthrow the Harris-Biden Administration [sic, and sick].