How to eliminate politicians in one easy lesson.

Someone posted this on MeWe.  Seems like a good idea at first blush:

Except it doesn’t go far enough, because for most of them, their “business” is politics.

I’ve long said they need to be unpaid, housed in barracks when they’re in Washington, fed military-style food, awakened every morning at 0500 with reveille and a flag-raising ceremony, then bused to and from the Capitol in repurposed, non-air-conditioned school buses. The day would end, of course, with retreat and a flag-lowering ceremony. All of this being required by law.  Healthcare they can get like the military does.  Or more to the point, let them use the VA.

They can live the high life back home when they’re not busy in Congress….which by the way would meet only three months of the year, at high summer. And no air conditioning allowed in the Capitol or the office buildings.

Also, NO FUCKING CONGRESSIONAL PENSIONS.  Don’t make this a job anyone wants to make a career and retire from.  It’s supposed to be service — not petty tyranny.

Do you really want change?  Stop treating the jerks in Washington, D.C. (and for that matter, in your own Statehouses) like elites.  And watch how fast things change.