Can Obama? What about Clinton?

When he leaves office, can ex-President Trump be trusted with America’s national security secrets?

Ex-presidents are entitled to classified briefings. Some ex-intel officials think Trump shouldn’t get access to any national secrets when he leaves office.

Fuck them.  Two of three of his predecessors are traitors, liars, and finaglers, why should they be trusted?  Yet this question never came up for them.

The only one of the three who takes his oath seriously is W.  And even W isn’t the guy I thought he was in 2000 and 2004.

In the past, when former presidents and their parties were actually patriots, it made sense to be able to discuss such matters with them as had gone before.

I doubt Trump has discussed much of anything with his surviving predecessors in office.  When he leaves office in 2024 [sic], I’d suggest these ex-intel officials should probably be either facing or doing time in Leavenworth themselves.  Just on general principles, of course.

And — because I like to nitpick — what’s this “ex-president” shite? The only president that tag was ever officially attached to was Nixon, because he resigned. Later, when he was “rehabilitated”, the press started calling him “former”. I see the press are getting an early start on labeling anything Trump does after leaving office — in 2024, of course — as illegitimate.