We don’t need no steenking masks.

Several graphs from today’s ISDH aggregation page.  These are all trending down.

The death rate from COVID-19 is getting to where it’s comparable to that of a seasonal flu, and may be lower.

Did we go off half-cocked?  Yes, yes we went off half-cocked.  Especially our politicians.

We’re probably most of the way to herd immunity, at this point.

Fuck anyone who thinks differently.  These aren’t my numbers, they’re real (?) numbers being published by the state.  Trends are DOWN.

And Mayor Hogsett is and remains an asshole.  What good is a mandatory mask order that doesn’t go into effect for a week after you proclaim it?  In one densely-populated county that’s ringed by eight other only slightly-less densely populated counties?  I’ve said it before and I’ve said it again:  I drive a mile north and will be forced to wear a mask, but if I drive two miles north, I won’t.  Geographical restrictions based on political boundaries are ridiculous.

So fuck you, Mayor Hogsett.  Fuck you for being the stupid Democrat we always knew you were.

(If you’re having trouble reading the dates, they range from 3/5/2020 at the left to 7/6/2020 at the right.  All data are from https://www.coronavirus.in.gov/ .)