No mas[k]

I categorically refuse to wear a mask.

Masks are for sick people to prevent others from catching what they have. Or for people who have compromised immune systems and probably ought to be wearing them anyway. Or for healthcare workers who are constantly in close contact with sick people.

Fine, but I don’t fit into any of those categories. I am not sick, I’m not immune-compromised, and I’m not a healthcare worker.

That being said, I will not wear a mask and rebreathe my own bacteria and viruses. That’s a perfect way to get my chronic bronchitis to flare up. I haven’t had a flareup in several years. I don’t want one now.

This has nothing to do with constitutional issues or stupid politicians mouthing off about things they know nothing about. I simply refuse, because I know if I start wearing a mask when I go out, I will get sick.

If that means I don’t get to go anywhere until the world regains its collective sanity, well, fuck it, I don’t go anywhere anyway. Amazon and Lowe’s will deliver anything I need. Plenty to do around here without going out.

The rest of you can go around looking cute in your masks that you probably don’t need. And Mayor Hoggybutt can go back to his bunker and stay there till we throw him out at the next election.