It’s another book.

A novel, this time. If I’ve seemed distracted, and possibly more angry than usual, well, I’ve been working on this.  It’s taken four years to beat this thing into submission.  It grew from a short story, to thinking, “well, maybe it’ll be a 70K word novel”, to going over 100K words, and to turning into the first book of a planned trilogy.  A short story that will act as a prequel will go up in August (thankfully, that’s done, and all I’ll have to do is push the button).

What’s worse is I think I may have had an idea for another short fantasy, feeding off an off-the-cuff bit of Jack’s narrative in Saving the Spring.

I cannot win.


For now it will be Kindle-only, available either to buy for $2.99, or read for free via Kindle Unlimited. It is being published without DRM.  I’m working on a paperback release, but that’s mostly a cover issue (what to put on the back) and I just don’t feel like mucking with graphics and Amazon’s rather rigid requirements for paperback covers right now.

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