Bidens do the crime, not so much the time.


Let’s face it, if your family were such a bunch of fuckups, you’d probably be inclined to do one of two things:

1) Stay out of politics.  Which is a good, established American tradition.  Politicians as a class are scum and villainy.

2) Admit that every family has faults, particularly families of privilege, let them do at least a modicum of time in stir for what they’ve done, and shrug it off when asked about it on the trail.  At least you’re being honest.

The Bidens appear to have managed what a lot of rich, left-wing families have done, though:

3) Family name earns free pass, no perp walk, no time served, compliant press covers it up if you’re a Democrat.

Personally, I think 1) and 2) are the best routes.  But the way of things for people of privilege has always been 3), going back to the Kennedys, if not farther (probably farther, I’m tired today and can’t be arsed to research it).